Sew A DIY Ruffled Kid’s Apron

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For my Baby A’s 2nd birthday party later this month, I’m planning a “Bake Shoppe” themed party. I decided that I’d pick a theme this year because it would be my very last chance. Now I know that from age 3 onward, my little girl will want to choose her own theme… and it will probably be princesses. (Not that I dislike princesses, but one gets a little tired of them… know what I’m saying?)

What screams “bake shoppe” more than girly little ruffled aprons? I’m planning to make a couple for my girls, and if I’m feeling exceptionally motivated and crafty, I’ll try to make one for each guest too.

DIY Ruffled Kid's Apron - The DIY Mommy

I’ve designed a simple kid’s apron with sweet ruffled embellishments. This one is with fabric my four-year-old chose, and I think she did a great job! This is a great project to use up scraps and it would make a great Christmas present for a little girl in your life.

This apron fits a small child about aged 2-6 years; the neck and waist ties are adjustable to fit.


  • 1/2 yard white or off-white cotton quilting fabric
  • scraps of 4 different quilting fabrics (you’ll need a 3 1/2″ x 44″ piece of 3 fabrics, and about 1/4 yard of the fourth, main fabric)


DIY Ruffled Kid's Apron - The DIY Mommy


  • from white fabric: 14″ x 9″ rectangle, 8″ x 7″ rectangle, 44″ x 3″ strip
  • from each of 3 prints: 4″ x 44″ strip
  • from 4th, main print: 4″ x 44″ strip, three 3″ x 44″ strips (not shown above)
  • using the heart below, cut two heart shapes from the main print (click the image below to make it full-sized)

DIY Ruffled Kid's Apron - The DIY Mommy

Finish the bottom edge of the 4 strips of different fabric. I used a narrow rolled hem on my serger, but you could also do one on your sewing machine. Gather the 4 strips of different fabric, as shown below. I use my serger to gather (I adjust the tension), but you could use a sewing machine basting stitch and pull on the thread. There’s no need to make them any certain length as long as they are longer than the 14″ wide piece of white fabric.

DIY Ruffled Kid's Apron - The DIY Mommy

First, arrange the ruffles over the white 14″ x 7″ rectangle in a pleasing pattern. Sew the top ruffle onto the top of the white rectangle first, as shown. Then sew the bottom on on, right sides together (the top of the ruffle aligned with the raw edge of the white rectangle). Then, sew the two center ruffles in between the other two as shown above by pinning them in place and then stitching along the gather. The ruffles should overlap by about 1″. (I eyeballed the placement of the ruffles, but you could also measure them to make sure they’re evenly spaced.)

Trim the ruffles down on each end to line up with the white rectangle, and then hem each side of the rectangle (ruffles included). I also used the narrow rolled hem feature on my serger to do this, but you could use your sewing machine.

DIY Ruffled Kid's Apron - The DIY Mommy

Cut one of the 3″ x 44″ main print fabric strips down to two 15″ long pieces – these will be your waistband front. Cut the other two 3″ x 44″ pieces in half to make four 3″ x 22″ pieces.

Sew a 22″ long piece to a 15″ long piece, then to another 22″ long piece (make sure the 14″ long piece is in the middle. Repeat with the other three pieces so that you have two long waistband/sash pieces.

Place one of the sashes, right side up, beneath the ruffled apron piece. Align the centers as shown. Place the other sash piece ride side down above the apron piece, aligning the centers. Pin the pieces together as shown above.

Using a 1/2″ seam allowance, sew/serge the tops of all pieces together, the short sides, and the bottom of the sash until about 1″ from the apron piece.

Turn the sash & waistband right side out and press. Fold the raw edge of the top of the waistband to the inside about 1/2″ and press.

DIY Ruffled Kid's Apron - The DIY Mommy

To make the heart pocket, sew the two heart pieces together using a 1/4″ seam and leaving a 2″ hole at one bottom side. Turn to the right side and press.

DIY Ruffled Kid's Apron - The DIY Mommy

Pin the heart to the center of one of the 8″ x 7″ white pieces of fabric (the 8″ side is the top & bottom), and top stitch around the heart starting at one side as shown. Leave the top open so that it can be used as a pocket.

To continue with the apron bib, press the 44″ x 3″ strip of white fabric in half lengthwise, and then open it up. Then, press each side towards the center (where you marked the crease). Press in half lengthwise again to form a sturdy strap. Stitch about 1/4″ from the open side. Cut in half to make two neck ties.

DIY Ruffled Kid's Apron - The DIY Mommy

Pin the neckties to the top of one of the 8″ x 7″ pieces, about 3/4″ from each side. Pin the other 8″ x 7″ rectangle (right sides together) to the other, and stitch around the sides an top, as shown above.

DIY Ruffled Kid's Apron - The DIY Mommy

Insert the bib into the center of the waistband of your apron skirt, as shown, so that the waistband overlaps the bib by about 1/2″. Pin in place. Top stitch the waistband along its top about 1/4″ away from the edge to fasten the apron bib in place.

You’re all done!

DIY Ruffled Kid's Apron - The DIY Mommy

This is Little C hyped up on Halloween candy. This was the best photo I could get of her in her new apron…

DIY Ruffled Kid's Apron - The DIY Mommy

Enjoy all of the girly ruffles and cupcake baking!


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