Sew a Tassel Pillow Cover

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Learn how to sew an easy throw pillow cover featuring tassels on each corner. This is such a fun DIY for your living room or bedroom decor!

How to sew a DIY Tassel Pillow Cover

I’ve always loved any sort of trim with texture like tassels, lace and fringe, and I’m so excited that tasseled pillows are popping up in decor everywhere this season!

I bought a couple of different options, but then I also tried my hand at DIYing a pretty tasseled pillow and I was so happy with the results.

You can watch my YouTube video below and see how I compare a low cost tassel pillow, a high cost version, and my DIY tasseled pillow:

H&M Tassel Pillow | Anthropologie Tassel Pillow | The plaid fabric I used | My favourite Ikea pillow inserts

The end of this video has a step-by-step tutorial on how I sewed my pillow, but you can also follow the directions below to make one for yourself!

How to sew a DIY Tassel Pillow Cover

How to Sew a Tasseled Pillow Cover



How to sew a DIY Tassel Pillow Cover

Cut two pieces of fabric that measure the same width and height as your pillow insert. (I like to make my finished pillow cases slightly smaller than my pillow inserts to make them look more full.)

How to sew a DIY Tassel Pillow Cover

Pin the fabric pieces right sides together, and sew around the perimeter using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Leave an opening on one side that measures at least 10″.

How to sew a DIY Tassel Pillow Cover

To make the tassels, cut a piece of cardboard that measures about 10″ long. Wrap the yarn around the cardboard about 50 times.

How to sew a DIY Tassel Pillow Cover

Pull the yarn loop off of the cardboard and tie it securely around the center using a scrap piece of yarn.

How to sew a DIY Tassel Pillow Cover

Fold the yarn loop in half from the center tie and then tie another scrap piece of  yarn about 1″ from the top of the tassel.

How to sew a DIY Tassel Pillow Cover

Cut the bottom loops in half to make the ends of the tassel, and trim them evenly. Create 3 more tassels for your pillow.

How to sew a DIY Tassel Pillow Cover

Next, use a yarn needle and pull the top yarn pieces of one tassel through the eye of the needle. Bring the tassel & needle inside the pillow cover (you’ll need to keep your pillow cover inside out for this part) and then poke the needle out of one of the corners of the pillow, pulling the yarn pieces through to the wrong side.

How to sew a DIY Tassel Pillow Cover

Knot the yarn pieces securely and then repeat this step for the other 3 corners of your pillow and 3 tassels.

How to sew a DIY Tassel Pillow Cover

Finally, turn the pillow cover right side out, insert your pillow form, and stitch the opening shut by hand.

You can wash this pillow as one piece, or if you prefer to make a pillow cover with a zipper, you can check out my zippered pillow cover tutorial right here.

How to sew a DIY Tassel Pillow Cover

Have fun sewing!

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How to sew a DIY Tassel Pillow Cover


  1. Love the DIY, I could never spend 80.00 on a pillow. I always have fabric and yarn handy to do DIY and I would use the pillows I have and recover. I love the tassels and will add to my pillows.
    Thanks for the video Love it

  2. This was great! I’m making the tassels right now to add to one of a set of 3 pillows I’m finishing for my 23 yr old daughter’s birthday. The pillows are basically costing me nothing. My mother gave me the fabric and fur that I’m using. My daughter wanted pillows out of it. The old pillows have been in my attic for ages and I used a $5 dollar off coupon for the 4.99 skein of yarn I bought for tassels. Win!

  3. Such a great website and you make it so easy to follow directions with pictures and your instructions. Ready to get back into the sewing world with all it’s new techniques and glamorous fabrics/fashionable and elegant designs. Thank you!

  4. Could you explain how you do the white pillow with the tassels that go all the way over the narrow ends of the pillow? The other pillow that is pictured? How do you attach the tassels to either end?

    1. Hi Ann, Christina purchased that pillow behind the one she made. She said, “If I was to make one I’d pin the tassels to the sides of one of the pillow pieces before I sewed both pieces together.” Hope that helps!

  5. Hello, if i planned on making a pillow with the left and right side of the pillow lined with tassel bunches (similar to you size), how much yarn would you recommend? How much yarn did you use?

    1. We’ve never tried that but Christina figures if she was going to, she’d buy 8-10 skeins of yarn.

  6. You can get bedrest pillows that are designed for any position, including on your side and front. If you are on your side, you will need to look for a pillow with arms that can protect your back.

  7. I love your pillows and plan to start on my pillow project with ease now that I have watched your video! Thank you…..

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