by Christina Dennis

Tutus are adorable accessories to have on hand for your baby girl. They’re perfect for taking keepsake photos and for your little one to play with and dress up in. This tutu is so very simple to make – the only sewing it involves is sewing the elastic together. Easy! You’ll have this little gem whipped up in an hour or two.


  • 8 yards of 54″ wide tulle (or 4 yards ea of two coordinating colours of tulle)
  • 1 package 1/4″ elastic


  • Cut tulle in half length-wise, then in half again (to create narrower strips)
  • Choose a desired finished length for your tutu (Short and sweet, or longer? Measure your baby to see how the length would fall). Double the length (for folding) and add 1″ (for the tied knot)
  • Measure your baby’s waist. Add 2″.
  • Cut elastic to this measurement. Overlap elastic ends 1″. Sew together with a box and “x” stitch for added strength.
Make a Simple Baby Tutu by The DIY Mommy
  • Take a piece of the tulle you’ve cut to size. Fold in half. Tie at 1/2 way point around elastic band. You may wish to leave the knot slightly loose so that you can tie all knots tightly at the end after rearranging them.
  • Repeat previous step until you’ve covered your elastic completely. Tighten knots if desired.
Make a Simple Baby Tutu by The DIY Mommy
  • All done! Take some pictures. 🙂