Simple Decor Ideas For A Colorful Summer Home

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Summer is upon us! I seem to have way less time to focus on my house during this season of warm weather and family adventures! Today, I’ve collected some home tours, some easy DIY projects, and some styling ideas that all incorporate my belief that summer is the time for fresh, bright, simple accessories, clean surfaces, and wide open spaces! Come and see how you can make your space look fresh during the warmer months with these quick, easy to follow, and effective summer home decor ideas. 

Lake House Summer Entry Decor

Home Tours 

In this collection of home tours, I’m going to show you how less is often more in the summer. Sometimes a few carefully chosen accessories and colors can go a long way to creating the look you want throughout your entire home. Let’s get to it!

A Simple Fresh Living Room

Sometimes, the best way to decorate for summer is to simplify and edit your decor, and let the beautiful natural light of summer have the spotlight! My living room will see a lot of traffic during the summer months, so I decided that an UN-decorating session was in order. This simple and fresh summer living room tour features a lot of pink and blue hues and only FOUR throw pillows on my couch. If you don’t believe me you’re going to have to come see for yourself.

Simple and fresh summer living room tour in pinks and blues

Summer Lake House Tour

Is there anything more quintessentially summer than a lake house? I don’t think so! That’s why I thought I’d give you a tour of my Mom’s Lake House all decorated for summertime as inspiration for your own home! The house is full of beautiful blues and soft greens. I simply added some pops of bold colors and simple accessories here and there. These really freshen up every space for summer living. I’m especially happy with how the coral accents I added to the primary bedroom really brighten it up. Take a look at all the rooms and decide which one is YOUR favorite!

Lake House Summer Decor Home Tour

Minimalist Lake House Entryway

Summer is a great time to practice a more minimalist style, and the entryway at my Mom’s Lake House is such a good example of this! This foyer space is full of lovely permanent elements like the gorgeous front door, beautiful light fixture, and stunning staircase. This tour features all these elements, and how we pulled the blues and greens from other parts of the house into this space using a few carefully chosen pieces. You will see that sometimes, less really is more!  

Lake House Summer Entry Decor

Summer Primary Bedroom Refresh

Is your primary bedroom the last thing you clean in your home? It certainly is the last place to get attention in mine! I find that the piles of laundry and dirty, dusty furniture and light fixtures do start to affect my mental health. In this tour I’m going to show you how I used the changing of the season and the bright sunlight streaming in the window as motivation to give my space a good cleaning and summer refresh. Come and see how decluttering, dusting, and adding some light and summery new accessories made a huge difference in how I feel about my space.

Summer rustic french country bedroom decor

Simple Summer Kitchen Decor

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will have noticed that my summer style is very different than my fall/winter vibe. While I love layers and lots of eye-catching decor in the colder months, my summer style is the exact opposite! I love going minimalist during the hot months. The kids are home and the prairie dust is flying and looking for any surface to land on. Who has time (or desire) for dusting and re-styling in the summer? Not me. In this tour of my simple summer kitchen, see how less is more with fresh and faux garden flower accents, clean countertops, lots of white, and a bright pop of color. 

Summer kitchen decor ideas

Summer Dining Room Decor

In this tour of my dining room, I want to show you the true power of accessories (or lack thereof!) and what they can do to change the mood and look of your home season by season. I invested in quality furniture pieces that I know I will love year after year. This means I am able to change up my decor to refresh the space quickly and completely! Come and see how removing most of the items I used to decorate for spring and adding a few simple accessories such as fresh flowers, candles, and a beautiful mirror made the room feel open, fresh, bright, and ready for summer. 

Teal and pink boho French country dining room decor

DIY Summer Decor

I love DIY. There’s something so satisfying about displaying something I’ve made myself!  In this section I’ve collected some simple, inexpensive summer decor ideas for DIYing your own beautiful items for summer. 

5 Dollar Store DIY Decor Ideas for Summer

I love DIYing decor for each changing season, and I’ve got some great ideas for you this summer! Changing your decor doesn’t have to be expensive, and that is why the five DIY decor projects I’m giving you in this post are all made from products you can find at the dollar store. Come get some summer home decor ideas for things you can make with dollar store supplies. 

Dollar Tree Summer DIY Decor Ideas

Summer Musings Free Printable

Sometimes, we need a gentle reminder that summer (and life, really) is short and we need to appreciate every moment we can. Download a free PDF printable of my artwork, a lovely quote that seems written just for how I’m feeling about summer this year:

Live in the sunshine,

swim the sea,

drink the wild air…

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Put this anywhere that will remind you to seize the moments we are given to enjoy life during these warmer prairie summer months! 

Free Summer Printable Artwork - Live in the Sunshine, Ralph Waldo Emerson

Make A DIY Summer Hoop Wreath

Learn how to make a beautiful summer hoop wreath for your home, customized just for you and your style! All you need is a metal hoop wreath, some macrame cord, and embellishments of your choice. Faux succulents were my choice of embellishment. For a more country/romantic version of this wreath tie a mix of macrame cord and cotton lace trim to the base of your covered hoop with lark’s heads knots and use faux peonies. Use it to dress up your front door, your patio, or even your backyard space for summer! Visit the full post for step by step instructions.

Summer hoop wreath idea with macrame cord and faux succulents or flowers

DIY Nautical Dollar Store Wreath for Summer

In the summer I’m all about the beach! This wreath would be perfect either indoors or outdoors as a beach house or camping trailer accessory, or as a reminder of beachy days when you are stuck on land! Learn how to make a DIY nautical wreath for summer using items from the dollar store. This grapevine wreath features shells, glass beads and a succulent. It is a perfect summer home decor idea for those beach-weather days, wherever you spend them!

DIY Dollar Tree Nautical Wreath for Summer

DIY Throw Pillows

I have a love of fabric and throw pillows. So it’s no surprise that I love making DIY throw pillows to use in my seasonal decor! Mixing up your throw pillows adds different colours, texture, and styles to a space for very little cost. Here are 9 DIY throw pillows that you can make for your own home, half of which do not even require a sewing machine! I hope you find something to brighten up your summer vibe this season. 

Summer Styling 

If you’re looking for ideas on styling one specific part of your house, I’ve got you covered!  In this section, I’ve got some great summer styling ideas for the mantel and table. These summer home decor ideas can easily be customized for your own tastes. 

Adventurous Summer Mantel Decor

Summer is a time for fun new adventures! Why not let your home decor show it? I created this fun adventure themed mantel display for summer, and I’m so pleased with it. I took items that reminded me of our family. Then I added some adventure themed decor. Finally, I made a few DIY pieces to pull it all together. This created a beautiful summer mantel in greens and blues. Come and see how I did it and get instructions for making your own!

Summer mantel decor idea - blues, greens & coastal accents

Teal, Green, and Gold Summer Tablescape

Lastly, nothing welcomes your guests to your home for a meal like a beautiful seasonal tablescape! For this season, I went simple and created a gold, teal, and blue centerpiece. I mostly used items I already owned that I could repurpose for this season. These colors complement the curtains I already have in my space. However,  you can easily use what I did as a template for your own colour palette. Come get inspired to create your own simple and fresh summer tablescape. 

A teal and gold Spring or Summer simple tablescape idea (with video).

There you go! So many beautiful, minimalist summer home decor ideas on a budget. Now that you have some inspiration for the interior of your home, check out this post for 10 ideas to decorate your front porch!

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Simple decor ideas for a colorful summer home.

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