Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

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When you’re working with a teeny tiny bathroom like our 25 square foot powder room, you have to be really smart with organization ideas! Let me show you the simple ways I’ve organized our main floor powder room, plus make sure to check out my Organization DIY + Home Decor Challenge playlist on YouTube to see some more fabulous organizing ideas for the new year!

Small Bathroom Powder Room Organization Ideas

When you need storage space in a small room like a powder room bathroom, there are a few great tricks you can use to get the most bang for your buck.

Small Bathroom Powder Room Organization Ideas

Even though our main floor powder room is technically our guest bathroom, I still do my hair and makeup here so that I can be close to my young kids while I get ready. I have a lot of personal supplies that need to be stored here, so I’ve used some techniques to make everything fit in this 5 foot by 5 foot space.

Small Bathroom Powder Room Organization Ideas

First of all, I’ve used vertical storage. Hanging shelves on the wall above the toilet gives me space on the wall when there’s not much floor space. I’ve also hung a container on the back of the vanity door for vertical storage space for my styling tools.

Secondly, I’ve used lots of baskets and containers to store all of our random items. I have pretty sisal baskets on our open shelves, and I have some trays and bins in the vanity to corral more items.

Finally, we’ve installed a closed vanity in this space. As much as I love the look of vanities with open bottoms, the closed vanity with doors and a drawer was vital here so that we could store more things.

Have a look at my YouTube video to see more, and make sure to check out this video playlist for more organization ideas from my YouTube friends!


  1. Love the wallpaper. What a fantastic fit to your DIY country home. I’ve always been scared of wallpaper since having the job of peeling it off once as a child with my mom. It had been on for thirty years and was horrible! Anyways, I’d be more inclined to watch a thrifty Thursday clip since my kids are grown up (in school all day) and I don’t do too many crafty things with them anymore unless it’s a sports free weekend! Xo take care

  2. Good video! Love the wallpaper. I would probably watch the ‘Thrifty Thursdays’, before your other idea.

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