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Spring has sprung, and that means it’s time to think about the garden! We live up in Zone 3A where it’s very cold, so while we still have a large amount of snow on the ground we can start planning our garden and planting our seedlings. Let me show you how we prepare our Zone 3 garden in Spring!

Zone 3 Spring Garden Preparation

Even though it’s technically Spring time now, here’s how our acreage looks:

Zone 3 Spring Garden Preparation

As you can see, it’s not very conducive to growing much of anything yet!

Zone 3 Spring Garden Preparation

It’s prime time to start growing our annual veggies indoors, though. We went through our seed packets and chose the veggies we want to plant this year. The ones that are more sensitive and higher maintenance are started indoors and then we’ll move then out to our tiny greenhouse after May long weekend – tomatoes, peppers, broccoli etc.

Zone 3 Spring Garden Preparation

Planting these in little Jiffy Pellets in trays is a fun activity to do with our kiddos, and a great teaching opportunity too!

Zone 3 Spring Garden Preparation

The hardier plants – potatoes, onions, beans, peas, lettuces, squash – will be sown directly in our larger garden at the end of May or beginning of June.

Watch my video below to see how we’re getting our Zone 3 garden ready for Spring:

This video was a collaboration with Lisa of Farmhouse On Boone who has a Zone 6 garden, so check out her YouTube channel to watch her video and see how differently we prep for Spring!

Check back in a couple of months to see how we prep our soil and plant after May Long Weekend!

Now tell me: How do you prepare your garden for Spring?

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