Styling My Subs’ Spaces: Diane’s Cottage-Inspired Craft Room

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Come see how I virtually made over a window-filled craft room into a cottage-inspired oasis for one of my viewers!

Traditional Cottage Spa White Master Bathroom Design
The feel of my own parents’ spa-like cottage bathroom was definitely an inspiration for today’s makeover.

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Today is the third installment of my series called “Styling my Subs’ Spaces”. You can find all of the projects in this series right here.

I’m having a look at photos of my subscribers’ rooms, listening to their pain points about their space, understanding their decor style, and virtually making over their room here on the blog and on YouTube!

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My third “client” is Diane H. from the USA. Here’s her current craft room:

Diane H. writes:

This is a sunroom but I want to make it into a crafting /sewing room with a reading corner. I want it all organized and cozy and homey looking. I need a desk with 2 work areas. One to sit down at to make cards and do desk work and the other space to sit down and sew at. I also need a craft table that is at the right height to stand up and craft. I want to paint the trim around the windows and doors. I’m just at a loss how to make everything come together. I need help badly!! I was given $330 to use to fix up this room. I want to get it done because it’s a pain to craft like this and carry everything into the kitchen. Plus for me when everything is in such a disorder I can’t even get my mind into the mood to craft.

Diane also let me know that she liked a farmhouse aesthetic and neutral colours with pops of green and perhaps some pink.

Oh boy, would I ever love to paint this whole room white! However, today I’m using some self control and acknowledging that not everyone would want to paint over these beautiful, knotty pine walls. Let’s work with them and Diane’s smaller budget, and see if we can turn this room into a cozy, crafty retreat.

I liked Diane’s idea of painting the trim in the space, and I’d love to see that white. Then, adding in some light or white-coloured furniture would help break up all of the wood tones in here. More storage is a must for this craft room, and looking double-duty furniture would really help the function of this space.

Watch my YouTube video on how I virtually made over Diane’s craft room from start to finish:

Here’s a cottage-inspired mood board I designed for Diane’s craft room:

Cottage Inspired Craft Room Mood Board

  1. Ikat Pillows
  2. Wall Shelf
  3. Square Jute Basket
  4. White
  5. Cream
  6. Tan
  7. Grey
  8. Kallax Shelf Unit
  9. Faux Fern
  10. Chunky Knit Blanket
  11. Textured Grey Cottton Pillow
  12. Faux Grass
  13. Beige Area Rug
  14. Floor Basket
  15. Round Side Table
  16. Striped Arm Chair

All of these items are from IKEA and Wayfair, so they’re affordable. Many could also be DIYd to save some money, like the pillows, blanket and wall shelves.
Here’s a layout that I came up with for Diane’s cottage-inspired craft room design:

Cottage Inspired Craft Room Mood Board

Storage is important for this room, so two of the walls are lined with storage solutions like IKEA Kallax shelves that can double as seating or a plant shelf, a corner desk for sewing, and a counter-height desk with open shelving on top for crafting.

Cottage Inspired Craft Room Mood Board

If Diane wants to keep her natural wooden walls, I’d suggest painting all of the trim in the room white, and including as many white or light coloured furniture and accessories as possible to help keep the space bright. DIY or purchased relaxed roman shades in a light colour could help update the windows, but still let lots of light in.

Cottage Inspired Craft Room Mood Board

Baskets, baskets and more baskets on shelving and the floor could help keep everything tidy but cozy and relaxed looking.

Cottage Inspired Craft Room Mood Board

I also love the idea of incorporating a soft chair and side table on this side of the room so Diane can curl up and read with a cup of tea. She could accent the chair with a throw pillow that matches pillows she places on the shelves nearby. If Diane wanted to add more colour to this space like bits of pink, she could easily do so through swapping out accent pillows and plant pots.

Now tell me: What do you think of this cozy, cottage-inspired craft room makeover?

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