Styling My Subs’ Spaces: Lindsay’s Cozy Neutral Bedroom

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Get ideas on how to style a cozy and neutral bedroom on a budget as I virtually makeover a subscriber’s space!

French Country Vintage Inspired Bedroom
My own (mostly) neutral bedroom was definitely an inspiration for today’s makeover!

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Today is the second installment of my series called “Styling my Subs’ Spaces”. You can find all of the projects in this series right here.

I’m having a look at photos of my subscribers’ rooms, listening to their pain points about their space, understanding their decor style, and virtually making over their room here on the blog and on YouTube!

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My second “client” is Lindsay from the USA. Here’s her current bedroom:

Lindsay writes:

My main issue with this room is that it doesn’t look like a bedroom to me. It isn’t inviting, nor does it have a cozy, homey feeling. We just kind of put what furniture we could, but it doesn’t feel complete. We have no structure to the space, and it actually feels smaller than what it really is. I like simple yet homey feeling areas. Rooms that feel like a warm hug. Somewhere I’m not afraid to kick my shoes off in. I like rooms to look clean but comfortable. I enjoy neutral tones for decorating. Grays, whites, tans, etc.

As much as I enjoy decorating with colour, I definitely like a lot of neutral tones in the bedroom to make me feel relaxed and calm. I love the idea of incorporating a wide variety of neutral shades into a room with the addition of tons of texture to keep it interesting.

When I saw these photos of Lindsays bedroom, I knew immediately that making the bed more of a focal point in the room would help with the design of the space. I also wanted to experiment with a different layout and alternative storage options to make the room flow better. Finally, tons of warm textures and textiles would really make this bedroom feel calm and cozy!

Watch my YouTube video on how I virtually made over Lindsay’s bedroom from start to finish:

Here’s a mood board that I came up with for Lindsay’s Cozy, Neutral Bedroom design:

Cozy Neutral Bedroom Design Idea

  1. White Curtain Panel
  2. Faux Lavender Pot
  3. White Nightstand
  4. Warm White
  5. Light Greige
  6. Dark Greige
  7. Warm Wood
  8. Table Lamp
  9. Upholstered Bed
  10. Chunky Knit Throw
  11. Linen Lumbar Pillow
  12. Storage Bench
  13. Gallery Wall Frame Set

All of these items are from Wayfair which I find quite affordable, but a lot of these pieces could be DIYd too!

Here’s a layout that I came up with for Lindsay’s Cozy, Neutral Bedroom design:

Cozy Neutral Bedroom Design Idea

This may sound a little weird, but trust me – it looks fabulous! Try placing your bed in front of a window if the layout works better. In Lindsay’s case, she has one off-center window on this wall, so adding a row of drapes all across the wall tricks the eye and makes us think the window is larger. She could even layer drapes here for more coziness and texture. I like the bed here much better because it leaves more space at the foot of the bed for storage and foot traffic.

Instead of a shelf for shoes, I placed a storage bench at the end of the bed which now works with this layout. Lindsay can put her shoes here for a more streamlined look. There’s still lots of space to access both doors (one to the hall and one to the bathroom) at the foot of the bed.

We can keep the chest of drawers in the same spot and place the TV on it so that Lindsay could get rid of her TV stand if she’d like. This will also keep the room feeling more spacious. Painting the chest of drawers and two nightstands in the same colour (I’d recommend a warm white chalk style paint) will make the pieces look cohesive if Lindsay doesn’t want to purchase new furniture. I’d love to see a slightly lighter colour on the walls, and one of my favourite subtle greige tones (grey + beige) is called Classic Grey by Benjamin Moore. It’s what I have in our own bedroom.

On the long wall across from the door, a big gallery wall full of photos or art that Lindsay loves would be a great, personal feature. She could also consider adding a wallpaper or textured treatment on that wall to give the room even more interest.

An inexpensive bed frame with a soft, fabric headboard would work well in front of the curtained window wall, and tons of pillows and layers of soft bedding in warm neutral colours would elevate the room to the next level. A pair of lamps in a wooden texture could look lovely on the nightstands, and adding soft light to a room always makes it feel warm and comfortable.

Thank you, Lindsay, for sending me your bedroom photos and asking for help! I hope you found this ideas inspiring as you style your home.

Now tell me: What do you think of this bedroom design? Are you a fan of neutral colours in the bedroom?

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  1. Thus is such a great design! My bedroom is similar in size and with an off-center window. I’ve been wanting to redesign, so i’m definitely using this! Thank you!!!!!

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