Summer Bedroom Cleaning Routine & Refresh

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As a DIY and home decor blogger, I’m usually showing you the styled and cleaned looks in our home. Today, let me show you how our bedroom REALLY looked this week and how I cleaned it up and styled it for summer!

Summer rustic french country bedroom decor
The finished look

Raise your hand if your master bedroom is the last thing you clean in your home? It certainly is for me. Besides the fact that I hate cleaning house, I feel like no one sees my bedroom except for me so it’s last on my list. This week, I took a good look at it and decided I needed to give it an overhaul. You don’t really realize how a cluttered, dusty bedroom affects your well being until it’s SO dirty and messy that it’s even hard to sleep!

Here I am, looking tired an defeated in our messy master bedroom with the bed FULL of laundry that needs to be folded. I’m one of those serial throw-the-clean-laundry-on-and-off-the-bed types that takes 3 weeks to fold and put away our massive amount of laundry. THIS is my real life.

When work is busy, family life is full, and suppers need to be cooked laundry and cleaning our bedroom is definitely one of the first things to slide, and I think that’s OK. We can’t do it all, right mamas?

But our room was at the point where it needed to be cleaned and freshened up for me and Hubby’s mental well-being, so that was my task for the week.

Here’s how the room looks now:

Summer rustic french country bedroom decor

Summer rustic french country bedroom decor

You might remember that I made over this room last fall (get the details here), and we’re still head-over-heels for our bedroom furniture we found at The Brick. This Hancock Park King bed frame is definitely my favourite piece in the space, and I still adore the elegance of the Nicolet Accent Cabinets we use as nightstands.

I started the clean with a good ol’ fashion purge. Have a garbage can and a donation box nearby if you do this too, and don’t stop putting things in the box or the trash can until you have only the things you need and love in your space.

Summer rustic french country bedroom decor

After that, I dusted all of the surfaces and mirrors. Don’t forget the light fixture and the top of the bed frame!

Summer rustic french country bedroom decor

Summer rustic french country bedroom decor

Making the bed with a clean, lightweight duvet cover and light coloured throw pillows helps give our room a fresh summer vibe.

Summer rustic french country bedroom decor

A DIY magnolia wreath on the headboard along with some faux peonies on the nightstand add a little life to our monochromatic space.

Summer rustic french country bedroom decor  Summer rustic french country bedroom decor

Want to see the whole cleaning and styling routine of our master bedroom? Watch this video:


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Brick. As always, all of the opinions here are my own.


  1. Last thing I clean is the office/craft room, it’s curently a mess with knitting bags etc everywhere. I also have a mountain of washing mines is 2 weeks worth of washing (use laundry mat as on tank supply and often have droughts in the summer and it takes 3-4weeks for water to be delivered and with little kids it’s just a nightmare). Your room looks so pretty like out of a magazine. Did u make the cushion? I love it! Also where can I find the video on how you styled your room please?

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