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Our Vintage Inspired Glam Christmas Mantel + Make Glittered Canvas Art

This year’s Christmas mantel decor is almost a throwback to my 2014 Christmas mantel. I found decorating for Christmas a little hard this year, so I went back to my decor roots – rustic glam in my favourite shades of warm blues! I dug up my glittery “JOY” DIY artwork and our Anthropologie inspired stockings, added some fresh greenery, used a couple of old and thrifted items and topped it all off with some twinkly LED lights to complete the look. Come have a look at our mantel decor this year, see how YOU can make this glittery DIY art, and get a free printable to do it!

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Free Printables

Free Printable Summer Artwork (& Random Summer Musings)

The fact that Little C is starting kindergarten in just over a month just hit me like a brick last night. I’ve been really excited up until now (and so is she), but suddenly I’m feeling terribly melancholy about the whole situation. We’re already half way through summer, I have some back-to-school tutorials lined up for next week already (gah!), and my baby is going to be gone for two or three whole days a week. I’m excited. No, I’m so sad. No, I’m thrilled. Actually, I’m going to miss her so much! I’m a mess, and I didn’t think I would be.Continue reading

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Make Vintage Blueprint Artwork from Your House Plan (With Photoshop)

I’m a tad bit obsessed with anything from Restoration Hardware. I’m a big fan of the “vintage industrial” look (mixed in with all sorts of random decor looks that I love), and all of the furniture and art from RH is definitely the epitome of this style. Something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time is make some Restoration Hardware inspired vintage blueprint artwork for my wall from our house plan. Our DIY House was a huge labour of love (well, it still is), and I thought it would be special to display the plan that started it all in a fun and chic way. With a bit of Photoshopping, I made it happen and I love my new art!Continue reading

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Make Fabric Feather Wall Art

Baby B’s nursery is almost done! I’m just working on the finishing touches this week, and then I can proudly say that ALL of my girls’ rooms are completely decorated. (I cannot claim that they are ever tidy, however, so I’m kind of glad that I’m immortalizing clean versions of them in photos on this blog.) Something I love to make is custom, DIY wall art. It’s fun to create something unique and something that’s a potential conversation piece! For Baby B’s room, I highlighted the “soft boho” theme of her decor with this fun fabric feather DIY artwork.
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