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Easy No Sandwich School Lunch Ideas
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Easy No-Sandwich School Lunch Ideas

As much as I’d like to give my girls a sweet little bento box for their school lunches every day complete with adorable cut-out shapes, fruit skewers and cheese statues… I simply don’t have the time. I also don’t have the brain power at 6:30 in the morning, for that matter. However, I do want to give them interesting school lunches full of nutritious choices that are more interesting than a daily sandwich. Here are some of the lunches I’ll be packing for my 7 and 5 year old this year, and they don’t include one sandwich! With the help of an insulated container (which I finally purchased for the girls’ lunches this year!) & Minute Rice Ready to Serve Cups, I have a lot more options for school lunches – even when I’m packing lunches half-asleep at 6:30 am! Read on for some easy, no-sandwich lunch ideas for back-to-school.Continue reading

Healthy Apple Cinnamon Oat Bars
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Make Healthy Apple Cinnamon Oat Bars for School Lunches – Tip Tuesday

So, I blinked and summer is half gone. In fact, Little C goes back to school THIS MONTH. It’s mind blowing. On August 31st, she’ll be in grade two and Little A will be starting Kindergarten! I’m realizing that I need to start to get to work on preparing them (and me!) for the back-to-school season. I’d really love to come up with some more creative and healthy school lunch ideas, and this little apple cinnamon oat bars recipe from Breakfast for Learning is definitely one I’m adding to my roster!Continue reading

Mommy's not coherent yet...
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How to Win at Mornings When You’re Not a Morning Mom

The alarm goes off at 6:45 a.m. I let it ring for a few minutes before I groan and reach my hand out to find its glorious snooze button. I sigh and lay in bed for another five minutes, trying to calculate the latest possible time I can get up before Little C is late for the bus. Without fail, she bounds into our bedroom at 6:55—she’s wide awake and ready for the day to get started. I’m still half asleep. I admit it. I am NOT a morning mom.

With my oldest entering grade two this year, and my middle daughter ready for kindergarten (OH MY WORD!), I know that I have to get my morning act in gear for them. I need to feed them a healthy breakfast, and make sure everyone has a lunch as they head out the door—and try not to grumble and snap as I do it. I need to win at mornings!

Are you chipper and smiley in the morning and ready to take on the day? I salute you. Are you a non-morning mom like me? Let me share with you the tricks I’ve learned over the past couple of school years with my young kids that have helped me win at mornings.

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How to survive back to school clothes shopping + a cute French inspired kid's wardrobe from Marshalls Canada
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Back To School Clothes Shopping Tips + Little C’s French Inspired Wardrobe from Marshalls

It’s hard for me to take in, but my Little C is going to Grade 1 in September. That means she’ll go to school every weekday. Oh, I’m going to miss this girl! She’s so excited – she can’t wait to ride the bus every day and see her friends more. She’s already counting down the days. Recently, we’ve started shopping for her back-to-school wardrobe. The other day I asked Little C what kinds of clothes she wanted to wear to grade one. “Clothes that no one else is wearing!” she said. My breath caught in my throat – this girlie is just like me! I distinctly remember having exactly the same attitude about my wardrobe when I was in school. It made me smile and nod with mama pride!

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Sew an Easy Reusable Snack Bag in 15 Minutes! #backtoschool #DIY
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6 Back To School Tutorials and Free Printables

Who’s excited about back-to-school week?! Or, for those of you that have already started, how are your kids enjoying their new year of school so far? Little C starts kindergarten in a couple of days, so I thought I’d dig up some of my old (and new) back to school DIY projects and share them all again for my sake and yours. Click on the photo to take you to the tutorial or free printable. Happy September!

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A Back to School Kitchen Command Centre
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DIY Back To School Kitchen Command Centre from Staples + Free Printables

With Little C’s first day of Kindergarten fast approaching, I’m starting to get nervous thinking about how I’m going to stay on top of everything. I’ll be the first to admit that I definitely fall short in the organization and cleanliness categories – I’d much rather be crafting or baking than cleaning or bookkeeping! I’m determined to be more organized this year (I was that mom in playschool that lost everyone’s birthday party invites and forgot to sign all of the field trip forms) and I’ve come up with a fun spot in Our DIY House to help me. With some help from Staples, I’ve transformed the side panel of my fridge into a back-to-school kitchen command center to hold all of my organization tools in one spot. It’s cute looking, it’s functional, and it will help me be more organized this year as we embark on our new journey of school-aged kids.

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Jitter Glitter Necklace Back to School Gift and Free Printable Poem
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DIY Jitter Glitter Necklace – Back to School Gift + Free Printable

I’m so happy to be a part of a Back to School Blog Hop posted by the lovely ladies at Elizabeth Jone Designs! Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a ton of wonderful DIY back to school ideas from everyone.

As you probably know, Little C is headed to Kindergarten in less than a month. I’ve been going through all sorts of emotions as I process this big step in my little girl’s (and my) life. I wanted to make a small but special gift for her first day of school – something that would make her feel special and know how much she’s loved. I came up with the idea of a “jitter glitter” back to school necklace set after I saw this bracelet set and this first day of school note on Pinterest. I combined the two ideas, re-wrote my own poem, and created a fun little gift for my girlie. This DIY Jitter Glitter Necklace set is a fun and simple first day of school gift idea for any little one heading off for the first time!Continue reading