Rustic Glam Master Bedroom Tour
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Rustic Glam DIY Bathroom Tour

5 years. That’s how long this master bathroom project took us! Ever since we built our home in 2013, our master bathroom has been near the bottom of our project list. This Spring, we finally gave ourselves a big push to finish it and I’m SO happy with how it’s turned out. Let me give you a tour of our budget friendly rustic glam master bathroom!Continue reading

How to install an easy DIY beadboard hook wall in a bathroom. It's pretty and practical!
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A DIY Beadboard Hook Wall in the Kids’ Bathroom

If you’ve ever worked on finishing or renovating a bathroom, you will know that it seems to take FOREVER. Seriously. There are so many little details (and big details) that go into building a pretty and functional bathroom – and they’re all packed into a tiny space. It’s hard work! None of our three bathrooms are done yet, and we’ve lived in Our DIY House for over 18 months now. The girls’ bathroom upstairs is SO close to being done, and I’ve just finished placing the art above the easy DIY beadboard hook wall I installed there. Today, I wanted to share with you how I installed this pretty and practical hook wall in our kid’s bathroom and how you can too! It’s such a great addition to the space, and it really wasn’t hard at all – I did it all myself with a few simple tools.Continue reading