How to install an easy DIY beadboard hook wall in a bathroom. It's pretty and practical!
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A DIY Beadboard Hook Wall in the Kids’ Bathroom

If you’ve ever worked on finishing or renovating a bathroom, you will know that it seems to take FOREVER. Seriously. There are so many little details (and big details) that go into building a pretty and functional bathroom – and they’re all packed into a tiny space. It’s hard work! None of our three bathrooms are done yet, and we’ve lived in Our DIY House for over 18 months now. The girls’ bathroom upstairs is SO close to being done, and I’ve just finished placing the art above the easy DIY beadboard hook wall I installed there. Today, I wanted to share with you how I installed this pretty and practical hook wall in our kid’s bathroom and how you can too! It’s such a great addition to the space, and it really wasn’t hard at all – I did it all myself with a few simple tools.Continue reading

$13 DIY Silver & Black Modern Canvas Art from a Thrifted Painting
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Make Modern Artwork from Thrift Store Canvas Art

Last Tuesday evening, I was able to sneak away for a couple of hours with Baby B to visit the new Value Village in St. Albert. It was HUGE and awesome! I haven’t had the chance to go thrift shopping lately (thrifting with three girls in tow is… interesting), so this was a real treat. There were SO many treasures that I had to hold myself back and only buy the ones I loved the most. For under $100, I left with a cute parka for me (new with tags!), a dress for me, some fabric, some coloured hairspray for the girls, a couple of adorable knick-knacks for our house, and a giant piece of canvas art that I had big plans for.Continue reading

Spray Painting Door Knobs: A Quick and Easy Update - The DIY Mommy
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Spray Paint a Door Knob: A Cheap & Easy Update

Don’t you love antique crystal door knobs on old shaker doors? I sure do. We lived in an old farmhouse when I was about 9 years old that had door knobs like this, and I remember loving them even then.

I wanted a crystal knob on our downstairs powder room in Our DIY House. All of our other door knobs are classic oil rubbed bronze ones, but I wanted the one on the powder room to be extra special and glamorous. I looked online for an crystal doorknob with oil rubbed bronze backs, but the only ones I could find were well over $80 (PLUS shipping to Canada, which is often expensive).Continue reading