Traditional Glam Bedroom design with thrifty finds
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How to Create a Cohesive Look with Thrifty Finds: The Brick Tent Sale Traditional Glam Bedroom

When you’re decorating your home on a budget, you have to be creative about how and where you shop. That’s why I love hitting up antique stores, thrift stores, garage sales and events like The Brick’s Tent Sale for low cost decor items for our house. At sales like this, you can often find really unique pieces for a fraction of the cost of things you’d find elsewhere, and I love the idea of hunting for treasures! Today I want to show you how I decorated a traditional glam¬†bedroom with pieces from The Brick‘s Tent Sale, and share with you how to create a cohesive decor look from thrifty finds.¬†Continue reading

Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas for Back to School
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Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas for Back to School

August is a great month to get your kids’ bedrooms organized and ready for the school season. I know my girls’ rooms are definitely messy and disorganized right now – tidying them up and finding a spot for everything would definitely help us feel like we’re more ready for Fall! Let’s talk about some kids bedroom organization ideas that aren’t too tricky to do, plus I’ll give you a little peek of my friends’ daughters’ bedroom that we’re decorating.Continue reading

Rustic Glam Girls Bedroom Mood Board featuring gold, blush pink, mint green, aqua and rustic wood.
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Mood Board: A Rustic Glam Double Kids’ Bedroom

My good friend Alyssa has 3 little girls just like I do, so we have a lot in common. Recently she started telling me about a makeover she wanted to do on a shared room for her two oldest daughters. Immediately I asked her if I could help – oh, do I LOVE to makeover kids’ rooms! She agreed, and we excitedly got to work planning the space. Let me show you how the room looks now, and what we have planned for it. Hopefully along the way you’ll get some ideas for a bedroom makeover for your own kids’ shared room!Continue reading

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A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Making the Bed + Our New Mattress Set

If you lived nearby and wanted to come over to our home for a visit, I’d ask you to please give me a 24 hour warning. Why? I’m a terrible housekeeper. I fully admit it. Our house is always in disarray, and I usually only clean it thoroughly when we’re expecting company or when I’m planning a photo shoot for the blog. As much as I love the look of a spotless home, I find that it’s virtually impossible to keep our house clean at all times with three little girls running around and both of us parents managing our own businesses. I think that’s one of the tricks to staying sane when trying to work at home – you have to let some things slide. For me it’s housework, and I’ve come up with a few shortcuts to make our rooms look pretty at a moment’s notice. Here’s one of my favourites: how to make a bed when you’re a “lazy” housekeeper like me. This method is quick, easy, and it looks great every time!Continue reading