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Make Owl Elbow Patches

By Ashley
Recently I made a grandpa cardigan for my son and I used owl buttons, however I thought it was lacking something so I decided to add elbow patches.  I’m obsessed with elbow patches and owls so I decided to combine the two to make owl elbow patches for the cardigan.

Isn’t he cute?  I kinda went overboard with the little details, I just couldn’t help myself!  I’ll show you how you can make your own with or without the detailing (Also, you can opt to cut the wings out as part of the body and not separate them like I did.).

Let’s get started!


1.  Felt – White for the eyes and one other color for the body and wings.  Or you can use different colored felt for each body part (the wings, tummy, body and beak), like I did.

2.  Felt Glue

3.  Black Embroidery Floss

4.  Small Sharp Scissors

5.  Hand Sewing Needle

6.  White Thread

7.  Fabric Marker

8.  1/4″ Ric Rac (Optional)

9.  Thread to match the color of the body

10.  Yellow Embroidery Floss for the beak

11.  Pins




1.  Print out the pattern from here.  Trace and cut your pieces.  Rinse off your pieces if the fabric marker lines are still visible.  Allow your damp pieces to dry.

2.  (This step is optional) Next, if you will be using ric rac for the tummy, cut six pieces 2 1/2″ in length (3 pieces for each owl).  Leaving excess ric rac on each side of the tummy, glue down the ric rac with the felt glue.  After the glue has dried, fold the excess ric rac over the sides and sew along the edge of the tummy part to secure the ric rac (you can use your sewing machine for this part or sew it by hand).  Cut any excess ric rac from the back to eliminate bulkiness.  Once all the ric rac is sewn down apply felt glue to the back of the tummy and place it on the body.  Allow the two pieces of felt to dry.

Hopefully your stitches will look better than mine 🙂

3.  Take your fabric marker and mark where you would like the center of the eyes.  With your black embroidery thread make french knots for the center of the eyes (I wrapped the thread around the needle six times).  You can find a great video tutorial on french knots here.  Once you have made your eyes, rinse away any fabric marker that may be visible.  Allow the eyes to dry and then glue them in place on the body.

4.  Glue or embroider the beak.  If you glue the beak wait until the glue dries and use matching color thread to sew down the beak.

5.  After 3-4 hours the eyes should be completely dried and you can sew them down around the outer part of the eyes.

6.  (This step is optional)  While holding your wing in place, begin stitching your decorative stitch.  As you stitch around the wing you will use your stitches to sew the wing down to the body.  Be sure not to sew the edge of the body as you sew the wing, you will need that to sew down the patch to your garment.

7.  Yeah!  Almost finished!  If your little one is like mine you’ll have to wrangle with them and put on the garment you are going to sew the patches on to.  Have your little one bend their arm so you can mark an “X” where there elbow is using your fabric marker.  Phew, now you can take off the garment and turn the little one loose.

8.  Pin your patch over your “X” and fold the garment in half to ensure the patches are place evenly on the garment.  Use your color match thread to hand sew around the border of the patch.

Roll up the sleeve to the bottom of the patch to make sewing easier.
9.  You’re done!
Doesn’t it look cute?  I love it!

About Me:  My name is Ashley and I’m a full time working mom that loves to craft on the weekends and late at night when my husband and son are sleeping.  I come from a family of crafters, my dad always found ways to make something old into something beautiful and my grandmother taught me the basics of almost every single craft you can think of.  I have my own Etsy store, My Happily Ever After, where I sell my creations and a blog, Distractions, where I share tutorials and tid bits of my life.