Soft Boho Baby Nursery by The DIY Mommy
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Baby B’s Soft Boho Nursery

I’m simply obsessed with decorating kids’ rooms! There’s something so fun about childrens’ spaces – I feel like I can go a little crazy with colours, prints and patterns when I work on my girls’ rooms. I made the finishing touches on Baby B’s room this week, and I’m really happy with the finished space. The vibe is soft, a little vintage, and a little bohemian. I had fun mixing patterns and textures in this space.Continue reading

Mood Board: Soft, Eclectic Boho Nursery. Natural elements like feathers and burlap with soft, pastel colours like peach, coral, yellow and green.
DIY Home Decor

Mood Board: A Soft Bohemian Nursery (+ Baby Days at Sears!) #SearsMom

The idea that Baby Three is coming in 6 short weeks or so is starting to sink in. All of the sudden, I feel like I need to frantically “nest” and prepare for her arrival! I’ve worked on Little A’s room (and it’s almost done), and soon it will be time to work on the new baby’s nursery. (Stay tuned, but I think her name will begin with a “B” – I think it would be a ton of fun to have “A”, “B” and “C” girls!)

I’m a complete sucker for anything with boho flair and I’m loving pastels with grey right now, so the new baby’s room will be decorated in a “soft bohemian” way. The walls in the nursery (thank goodness we built our house with four rooms!)  are a medium, warm grey and I’ll soften the room with fabric and accents in delicious pastels like coral, blush pink, yellow and light grassy green.Continue reading

Mood Board: Colourful Boho Craft Room & Office - Our DIY House. Bright shades of yellow, turquoise and red with metal and wood accents and tons of storage for paperwork and craft supplies.
DIY Home Decor

Mood Board: Colourful Boho Craft Room & Office – Our DIY House

Currently, my “craft room” is my kitchen table (shared with our microwave and Hubby’s stash of paperwork) and my office is a 5 foot wide nook right next to Little C’s room (shhhhhhh… don’t type too loud)!

Needless to say, I’m ecstatic about having an office/craft room on the main floor of Our DIY House that has doors that can open to the kitchen and living room or close for privacy.

The look I want for this room is colourful and fun with a bohemian vibe. I want to include colours from the living room and kitchen for flow (yellow, red & turquoise) and it will have a desk and oodles of storage for paperwork, fabric and crafty supplies.Continue reading


Sew a Boho Blouse — A Simplicity Pattern Review

By Christina Dennis

Sew a Boho Blouse by The DIY Mommy

I love easy, breezy bohemian-style blouses. They remind me of the last days of summer and they also hide some postpartum parts of my body that I don’t find so lovely. *wink!* Empire-waisted blouses with flowing hems are also fantastic maternity wear!

I found the perfect pattern by Simplicity for a pretty tunic blouse:
Simplicity sewing pattern 1896: Misses' & Plus Size Tops SUEDEsays Collection size A (XXS-XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL)

What I like about this pattern is the fluttery sleeves and the elastic/drawstring waist. Plus, it’s by a season 5 Project Runway designer – oh, how I love that show!


DIY Boho Blouse by The DIY Mommy


  1. Cut your pieces out from your fabric using the tunic pattern. I made some changes. I changed the direction the sleeve pattern piece was placed on the fabric because I wanted the crochet edging of my fabric to be on the edge of the sleeves. I also shortened the bottom of the blouse by a good 4″ (because I’m short and I didn’t want the tunic to be that long).
  2. Sew the blouse per pattern directions. I found this pattern to be quite straight forward. The only issue I had was with the facing on the neckline – boy, was that hard for me! You have to sew the facing to the neckline, then turn it to the back, then fold a hem over and sew it. It took me a few times to get it looking “normal” and laying flat. I’d recommend lots of patient pinning and pressing when you get to this point! Also – rather than hemming the bottom of the tunic the traditional way (by turning it twice and stitching with a machine), I used my serger and made a rolled hem.
  3. Press the blouse, slip it on, and enjoy your easy-breezy boho blouse!

DIY Boho Blouse by The DIY Mommy

I love my pretty blouse, and I’d definitely recommend this pattern to any intermediate seamstress. Take your time with the neckline, and try finding an interesting fabric with a lace or contrasting pattern on one salvege (turning the sleeve piece on the fabric – and buying more fabric! – to accommodate). You could also trim the sleeves with crocheted lace too!

DIY Boho Blouse by The DIY Mommy

Christina Dennis is the creator and designer behind Golly Gee Baby, a collection of unique and colourful baby clothing and accessories that are ethically manufactured.