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5 Good Reasons to Read to Your Preschooler (+ My Current Favourite Books & A Giveaway – Ends 09/30)

Let’s have an honest mom-chat here. Sometimes I really don’t feel like reading a bedtime (or quiet time or morning time) story book to my girls. Between the nagging list of housework, the never-ending emails and texts and my craft table luring me, there are times that I don’t think I have time to read a book or two to my children that day. But, here’s the thing – something wonderful happens when I push those “to-do’s” to the back of my mind, ask my girls to climb up beside me on the couch, and reach for a colourful book. Continue reading

DIY Vintage Inspired Easter Dresses by The DIY Mommy
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Sew Vintage Inspired Easter Dresses for Baby and Big Sister

DIY Vintage Inspired Easter Dresses by The DIY Mommy

Easter seems to be approaching really quickly this year (and it is coming quicker quite literally since it’s in March this year). I’m really not sure I’ll be able to sew my two girlies Easter dresses this year which makes me sad – it’s been a tradition so far in our little family! Plus, I have such wonderful memories of my mom sewing me Easter and Christmas dresses, and she has memories of her mom sewing her and her sisters dresses. It’s in the genes!

However, I did make a couple of frilly Easter dresses for both my girls last year, and I simply didn’t have the time to write about them (I think it had something to do with getting used to having two kids). I thought I’d share them with you today just in case you’re gearing up for some Easter sewing and are in need of some ideas (and maybe I’ll motivate myself here – who knows)!

DIY Vintage Inspired Easter Dress by The DIY Mommy

I made a dress for my then 3 year old and my then 3 month old. I wanted them to coordinate, but I didn’t want them to match exactly.

I used two patterns from the wonderful book Cute Clothes for Kids by Rob Merrett (I encourage you to buy it – it’s one of those great resource-type sewing pattern books that you can use as-is or you can use the patterns as a base for your own creations).

Little C’s dress (the older one) was based off of the “Teatime Treat” dress pattern in Cute Clothes for Kids, and the only things I changed were adding a ruffle to the hem and a double ruffle to the bottom of the apron piece.

The pattern was easy to follow and look how cute the tied sash is at the back!


Baby A’s dress was based on the “Spring Orchard” dress pattern in Cute Clothes for Kids. I added a ruffle on the hem and used snaps instead of buttons at the shoulders (only because that’s what I had on hand at the time and I wanted to finish these!).



I used the “Tweet” fabric line from Timeless Treasures for these dresses, purchased from Fabric.com – my favourite place to buy fabric online.

I was really happy with the two finished Easter dresses for my little girls. They had a vintage flare to them because of the fabric style and mix, and they coordinated but weren’t exact duplicates.


Just for kicks, here’s my silly Little C in her dress from last year – it’s a wee bit snug, but she still looks like a princes don’t you think?

DIY Vintage Inspired Easter Dress by The DIY Mommy

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