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Colorful Farmhouse Breakfast Nook
DIY Home Decor

5 Reasons to Choose a Round Dining Table (+ Our Breakfast Nook Progress!)

Our kitchen breakfast nook makeover is SO close to being done, and I simply can’t wait to share the final look with you! For now, I want to give you a rather large sneak peek of what it looks like at this point after a lot of work and some beautiful new furniture from The Brick. The star of the show in this space is the Trudell Round Dining Table, and it’s made me fall head over heels with having a round table in a dining space. What’s so great about round tables, you ask? Let me tell you!Continue reading

Cheerful & colourful Farmhouse breakfast nook makeover
DIY Home Decor

Mood Board: A Cheerful, Colourful Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

After converting our front formal sitting room into a dining room last Spring (read about that here), I’ve come to realize that the large formal looking table set in our kitchen now feels redundant. After much thought and some help from my friends at The Brick, I’ve decided to convert our kitchen dining area into a more casual, more cheerful and more cozy farmhouse style breakfast nook. Let me share with you my layout ideas for the space, a mood board, and some DIY projects I have in mind for our colourful farmhouse breakfast nook.Continue reading