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Whitewash and Seal a Butcher Block Counter Top

One of the goals for the decor in Our DIY House is to have NO orangey or golden toned wood ANYWHERE. I mean, I think it looks great in some houses, but I find it really mid-90’s-ish and we have it in our current Garage House (because it was the cheapest colour of laminate flooring and cabinets we could find) so I’m getting tired of it.

We are on a very tight budget for our house build (especially here at the end) and we simply couldn’t afford stone countertops. I considered laminate countertops, but I wanted something light coloured for our kitchen design and I couldn’t find a light coloured laminate I liked in our price range.
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DIY Crafts

Use a Recycled Ice Cream Pail as a Craft Material

A Recyled Ice Cream Pail as a Budget Craft Material by The DIY Mommy

I was chuckling to myself the other day as I was making this scalloped bunting banner for Baby A’s new room about how often I used recycled ice cream pails as my crafting material (I was using an ice cream pail lid as a stencil for the scallops).

I’m very easily amused. I’m also very frugal (especially now with this monster sucking up all of our resources), so I’m finding myself recycling more and more household items and craft supplies on hand to make things. Why not, right? It’s cheap, it’s a good use of resources, and it’s fun to re-purpose old things into new things.

Here are some things I’ve used an ice cream pail as material on so far:

…and I’m sure there are more that I’ve forgotten. I think you could also use parts of an ice cream pail as boning for a nursing cover, stiffening for many different projects, and wouldn’t it be fun to try to make one of these capiz shell mobiles/chandeliers out of it?

Could you make a capiz shell light out of a recycled ice cream pail? - The DIY Mommy

Plus, there’s one really great bonus from upcycling all of these ice cream pails…


Are you a budget crafter? What materials do you like to reuse?

DIY Sewing

Sew A Simple Change Mat Cover

Sew a Simple Change Mat Cover by The DIY Mommy

Sometimes I like to spend a lot of time on DIY projects, and sometimes I just want to make them as simple as possible and get them done.

This easy minky change mat cover was one of the latter kinds of projects. I made it before Baby A was born, and I completely forgot to share it until now (almost a year and a half later)! I still use this DIY change pad cover daily. It’s washable, it’s comfortable, and it didn’t take me long at all to sew. It’s basically a small fitted sheet – without mitered corners. Here’s how I did it:



  1. Measure your change pad from side to side, making sure to add the height of the outside and inside edges. Add 2″. This will be the width of the piece of fabric you’ll need to cut.
  2. Repeat with the length of the changepad, using this measurement as the length of fabric that needs to be cut.
  3. Cut a piece of minkee to this measurement, and then round the corners (I use an ice cream pail lid).
  4. Fold the edges from right side to wrong side about 1/2″ and pin. You can pleat the corners a little to make this work. Sew the edges down, ensuring that there’s at least a 1/4″ casing for the elastic. Leave a 1″ hole.
  5. Cut a piece of elastic that’s appoximately 2/3 the circumference of your changemat. Thread it through the casing, sew its ends together, and then sew the casing hole shut.
  6. Your done! It’s a simple cover, but it’s quick and it’s easy to remove when it needs to be washed. You can make a couple so that you’ll always have one on hand.

Sew a Simple Change Mat Cover by The DIY Mommy

Sidenote: Here’s darling Baby A at only two days old. How small is she?! Is is just me, or does the second baby seem to grow up at lightening speed?

Sew a Simple Change Mat Cover by The DIY Mommy

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Free Printable “Sweet & Tweet” Valentine’s Day Tags

For a simple and budget-friendly Valentine for friends and family this year, print out my free bird & cupcake Valentines (found here) and cut them out into squares. You can punch holes in the tops, and tie them to a small bag of treats with raffia ribbon or baker’s twine.

Free Printable Valentine Tags by The DIY Mommy

I like to bake my favourite sugar cookie recipe (found here), cut it into hearts and sprinkle with Valentine-inspired sprinkles, and put those in a small bag with jelly beans or cinnamon hearts.

So “tweet”!

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Make an Easy, Tactile Baby Toy from a Wipes Container

Easy, Tactile Baby Toy from a Wipes Case by The DIY Mommy

Yesterday was a very, very cold day. It was -44 C with the windchill, Little C’s playschool was cancelled, and we were stuck inside (unless we wanted to lose all of our appendages outside)!

I had seen this wonderful idea on Pinterest (from Spotted Pony’s blog) to upcycle a large wipes container into a simple baby toy. I thought it was such a fantastic way to reuse an old container and to introduce some tactile play to my 14 month old. Babies have so much fun experiencing new colours and textures. It’s also a neat way to introduce problem solving (“how do I get this stuff in and out of this box”?).


  • old, large wipes container
  • fabric scraps (look for lots of different textures and colours and, if you desire, find a fabric scrap large enough to decoupage to the sides of the container)
  • Mod Podge

Easy, Tactile Baby Toy from a Wipes Case by The DIY Mommy


If you want to decoupage the container, cut out a strip of fabric that is as tall and about 2″ longer than the circumference of the wipes container.

Easy, Tactile Baby Toy from a Wipes Case by The DIY Mommy

Put a thin layer of Mod Podge on the sides of the container, stick the fabric to it, and then add another thin layer on top of the fabric. Make sure all of the edges are pasted down and sealed.

Easy, Tactile Baby Toy from a Wipes Case by The DIY Mommy

Cut squares out of your different fabric scraps (I used pinking shears so that the edges wouldn’t fray as easily). I cut out different, random sizes.

Stuff the squares into the container. You could also put other sorts of baby-friendly items in the container for Baby to discover (like toys, teethers etc.).

Easy, Tactile Baby Toy from a Wipes Case by The DIY Mommy

Watch your baby play! Show her how to take the fabric pieces out of the box and how to put them back in. Rub her hands over the fabrics and introduce texture words to her like “shiny”, “soft” and “rough”.

Easy, Tactile Baby Toy from a Wipes Case by The DIY Mommy

Baby A loved playing with her little toy! It cost me no money to make, and it was a great way to spend some of our “inside time” today.

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Make a Scrap Fabric Banner to Tutu – A Two-in-One Tutorial

DIY Easy Scrap Fabric Banner to Tutu - A Two-in-one tutorial!

We had the most fun Strawberry Shortcake birthday party a little over a week ago that I made a simple scrap fabric banner for. It was so very easy to make, and I constructed it with an idea in mind. I wanted to re-use it as a fun dress-up tutu for my daughter!

This is a really simple, quick DIY project that requires no sewing and little material. You could use the banner as party decor, and then  upcycle it into a scrappy fabric tutu when the party’s over. It will be Little C’s Valentine’s tutu!


  • scrap fabric – enough to make about 30 strips that are about 2″ wide and 30″ long
  • scraps of ribbon or lace (optional)
  • 60″ length of 1/4 elastic
  • rotary cutter or scissors


Easy DIY Scrap Fabric Banner to Tutu - A 2-in-1 tutorial!

Cut about 30 strips of fabric that measure 15″ – 30″ long. I liked the look of different lengths of strips, but you could also make them all the same length. You can also cut some lengths of ribbon or lace to add some texture to the banner / tutu. Cut a piece of 1/4″ elastic that’s about 60″ long.

Easy DIY Scrap Fabric Banner to Tutu - A 2-in-1 tutorial!

Starting about 2″ from one end, tie the strips to the elastic piece as shown above. Fold them in half with wrong sides together, and then turn the folded end over the elastic. Pull the other end through the loop created.

Easy DIY Scrap Fabric Banner to Tutu - A 2-in-1 tutorial!

Continue tying strips onto the elastic in this manner, leaving about 2″ between each strip as shown. Tie bits of lace or ribbon between the fabric strips if desired.

Your scrap fabric party banner is done and ready to hang! This would also make a fun decorative banner for a baby or child’s room.

Easy DIY Scrap Fabric Banner to Tutu - A 2-in-1 tutorial!

To “upcycle” the banner into a tutu, push all of the strips together as much as needed to match the circumference of your child’s waist (my daughter’s measurement was 20″).

Easy DIY Scrap Fabric Banner to Tutu - A 2-in-1 tutorial!

Cut the elastic to size. If you have a sewing machine, you can sew the ends together. If not, tie the elastic tightly together.

Easy DIY Scrap Fabric Banner to Tutu - A 2-in-1 tutorial!Easy DIY Scrap Fabric Banner to Tutu - A 2-in-1 tutorial!

Now you have an adorable scrap fabric tutu that’s perfect to twirl in!

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Make DIY Snow Globes – A Kid’s Craft

DIY Snow Globes by The DIY Mommy

What’s better than doing crafts? Doing them with your children!

My little three year old had seen some snow globes over the weekend and was fascinated by them. When I told her that we could make them ourselves, her eyes widened with delight!

With a few inexpensive supplies and some old baby food jars, we made these cute little DIY snow globes together. It was such a fun, simple craft and my girlie is really excited to give them as Christmas gifts to her friends.
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