Make a healthy & fast chicken dinner in one casserole dish. So simple & tasty!
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Make an Easy, Healthy Chicken Dinner in One Casserole Dish

Some nights (OK, 90% of the nights), I want to make a really easy dinner for my family that doesn’t involve copious amounts of chopping, five million pots and pans, and at least that many dirty dishes to wash afterwards. I do resort to frozen pizza or fish & chips sometimes, but here’s an easy supper that I’ve been loving lately. It’s SO quick to prepare, and it’s a lot healthier than lots of other fast suppers. This One Dish Chicken Dinner was a hit in our house, so I want to share it with you too.Continue reading

Meal Planning Monday Week 5: Sweet & Sour Baked Chicken, Zucchini Lasagna, Roast Chicken with Potatoes, Lemon & Asparagus, Sweet & Sour Ribs, Chicken Broccoli Supreme, Meatloaf Cupcakes
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Meal Planning Monday: Week 5 – Simple, Real Family Dinners

Our fridge and pantry are seriously Mother Hubbard right now, so I’ve made my meal plan for the week and we’re setting out on an epic grocery shop today! (You know you’re a mom when you can call grocery shopping “epic”.)

I’m planning on a little bit of crock potting this week, along with a team of one-dishers. Things need to be relatively easy (and maybe I’ll make extras for freezing?) as we head into the home stretch of Our DIY House this month! There is a lot of trim and door painting in my near future.Continue reading

Simple, Real Family Dinners: Shepherd's Pie, Fried Rice, Oven Tacos, Slow Cooker Chicken, Six-Cheese Vegetable Lasagna, Vegetable Pasta Bake
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Meal Planning Monday: Week 4 – Simple, Real Family Dinners

Have you been meal planning with me? How is it going for you?

My body is absolutely craving fresh veggies, fruits and good ol’ fashioned home-cooked meals this week after our nightmare week in the hospital.

(We came home from the hospital last Thursday night. Little C is doing amazingly well. I’m so thankful for all of your prayers and support – thank you! It amazes me how many adults and young children struggle with asthma.)Continue reading