Checklist for Cleaning and Organizing After the Holidays
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Cleaning and Organizing After the Holidays: A Checklist (+ Enter to Win $500 from Esurance!)

Christmas time can be a little chaotic, a little messy, and the addition of new toys and other gifts might make your home feel extra cluttered. Having a concrete post-holiday cleaning and organizing strategy can help make the holidays feel less messy and more relaxing! This coming year, I’m determined to do a better job at cleaning and organizing my home. I’m notoriously bad at it, but I know that a tidy home helps me (and my family!) feel less stressed. I like to use lists to keep me on track – if I don’t write down a task, it never happens! – so today I’m sharing with you my post-holiday cleaning and organizing checklist with the hope that it will help some of you, too. Once you’ve found some tips for cleaning and organizing your home after Christmas, make sure to head down to the bottom of this post to enter to win $500 from Esurance to continue decorating and organizing your home to your heart’s content!Continue reading

Black and white vintage industrial style kitchen
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Holiday Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

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We’re preparing to host both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in our home this year. My parents are embarking on a new house building adventure (which I can’t wait to share with you soon), so they’re out of the running for hosting until next year. I do love hosting meals in our home, so I’m really looking forward to making our place festive and clean for our guests this fall and winter. Our family’s a big one, so I’m bracing myself for a house jam-packed with people! If you’re like me – A.K.A. not the best housekeeper in the world – you might like these kitchen cleaning hacks that I’ve discovered. They make giving my kitchen the deep clean it needs before the holiday season so super-duper easy! These simple tricks will help your kitchen shine in no time.

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Free Valentine's Day Printable Play Dough Mat
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Valentine’s Day Play Dough Mat Printable (+ Cleaning Our White Table!)

What’s your philosophy when it comes to kids getting messy? I’m pretty relaxed about it. I think it’s fun to squish and smush and sprinkle, so we do A LOT of that at our house. If you come to visit me without a warning, you better believe our home will be littered with toys and our table sticky with play dough and cookie crumbs. I’m trying to get better at having a daily cleaning routine and decluttering our home, but we won’t be stopping getting a little messy every day! It’s so fun! One of our favourite mediums is play dough, so one morning last week we cracked open the dough and I made some fun Valentine’s Day themed play dough mats for the girls.Continue reading

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Make Your Own Wipe Solution

By Amy Nogardiaper-change

Wipe solutions are so easy to make and can save you money too! Use them for cleaning sticky hands and messy faces as well as dirty bottoms. Unlike commercial wipes, these recipes don’t contain alcohol or chemicals, and they smell good. Use these recipes on cloth wipes or make your own disposable wipes and save even more money!Continue reading