DIY Vanilla Latte with DIY Vanilla Syrup with the Breville Barista Express
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A Spring Coffee Nook + My DIY Vanilla Latte Recipe

Happy Easter weekend! I hope you’re all enjoying some time with your family and friends. One thing that I love to do during a long weekend is indulge in lots of DIY vanilla lattes. They’re my favourite! Recently, I was sent the Breville Barista Express to try, and it’s really upped my latte game. It’s seriously ruined me for any other kinds of coffee (even expensive coffee from the coffee shop!) and it’s made my coffee nook look a lot more “grown up”. Let me give you a (super mini!) tour of my coffee nook this spring and share with you how to make your own DIY vanilla latte with DIY vanilla syrup.Continue reading

A black & white chalkboard coffee & hot chocolate station for Christmas
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A Black & White Christmas Hot Drink Station (+ Win a Keurig 2.0!)

If you’ve been following my little blog, my Instagram or my Facebook page for a while you’ll know that I’m a coffee lover. Big time. I can’t get enough DIY vanilla lattes, and when we designed our home we built a little nook just for me and my coffee. I decked it out for Valentine’s Day earlier this year (and painted the whole thing with chalkboard paint on a whim), and now I’ve decorated it for our Christmas company this year. I simply can’t quit chalkboard inspired things, so hold on to your seats and get ready for lots of black, white and chalkboard-ness in this year’s Christmas coffee & hot cocoa nook. Also, I’ve got a treat for my Canadian readers! Scroll down to the bottom of this post to enter to win a new Keurig 2.0!Continue reading

DIY Vanilla Maple Latte with all natural ingredients!
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DIY Vanilla Maple Latte (+ 8 More Festive Drink Ideas)

There’s nothing quite like a steaming hot latte on a crisp Fall morning, am I right? I’ve recently started a plan to cut out all white sugar and white flour from my diet – basically the processed stuff. I LOVE my coffees in the morning, and I especially love lattes. Last week, I discovered a way to make a delicious, festive tasting latte with all natural ingredients (maple syrup, pure vanilla and milk) and it’s so good! I’ve been drinking a DIY vanilla maple latte every day now, and it’s such a treat. (Scroll down to the bottom of this post for more delicious drink ideas from my Canadian blogging friends!)Continue reading

The DIY Mommy is 5 years old! Win over $500 worth of some of my favourite things!
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The DIY Mommy is 5 Years Old – Win Over $500 in Prizes!

This month, The DIY Mommy is FIVE YEARS OLD! I’m so extremely excited and proud of this blog and how it’s changed and grown since 2009. I want to take a couple of weeks this month to reflect and share some of my favourite posts over the last five years of blogging and also to celebrate this special anniversary with a HUGE giveaway! Read on to see how you can enter to win over $500 worth of some of my very favourite things.
Continue reading

A Valentine Themed Coffee Nook with chalkboard paint, gold sharpie mugs and a red Keurig Mini Plus.
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Our Coffee Nook (& A Last-Minute Valentine’s Gift Idea from Keurig)

Our original house plan had a “servery” nook between the kitchen and the dining room. When I saw it, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it had to become a special little nook just for me – with COFFEE. I’m a huge coffee lover, and a dedicated space for a good coffee maker and a nice coffee and tea collection was a “must” for me.Continue reading

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Make Decoupage Fabric Coasters

Make Decoupage Coasters with Fabric by The DIY Mommy

DIY drink coasters have been popping up all over Pinterest and the web lately and I think they’re great! What a fun way to incorporate your decor scheme into your table/coffee settings.

I picked up some inexpensive coasters at a dollar store and used up some scraps of extra fabric I had in my stash to make a few coasters to match my living room’s colour scheme. These lovely, simple coasters in yellow chevron and a turquoise graphic print turned out great and they were so easy to make. My 4 year old helped me with most of it!


  • ceramic coasters that you want to cover (or, you could use ceramic tiles and glue felt squares on the back)
  • scraps of fabric (cotton decor fabric was used in this tutorial)
  • Mod Podge
  • foam brush
  • white paper or fabric (if your covering fabric is a little see-through)


Make Decoupage Coasters with Fabric by The DIY Mommy

Using the coasters as a pattern, cut out square pieces of fabric (with sharp scissors or a rotary cutter). If the fabric is see-through, cut out some more squares out of white paper or white fabric.

Apply a thin layer of decoupage onto your coaster’s top (this is an fun project for children)!

Make Decoupage Coasters with Fabric by The DIY Mommy

My white & yellow chevron fabric was a little see-through and my original coasters were dark, so I had to apply a piece of white paper first. My daughter did this part, and then she even did the next step – applying another thin layer of Mod Podge over the paper (let it dry before moving on to the next step).

Make Decoupage Coasters with Fabric by The DIY Mommy

Apply a square of fabric in the same manner, smoothing it out well. Let it dry completely.

Make Decoupage Coasters with Fabric by The DIY Mommy

Apply a thin layer of decoupage over the fabric. Let it dry, and then apply one final coat.

Make Decoupage Coasters with Fabric by The DIY Mommy

The Mod Podge will appear milky before it dries, but will dry to a smooth, clear finish.

After the coasters are completely dry, trim off any uneven edges of the fabric square if necessary.

Make Decoupage Coasters with Fabric by The DIY Mommy

All done! Enjoy a Chai Tea Latte on your new coasters (or gift them to a friend for their housewarming)!