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Bright and Colourful Easter table setting idea in blues and pinks
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A Bright & Colourful Easter Table Setting

I’m excited about this year’s Easter table setting, and I’ll tell you why: it’s inspired by a meaningful find! As we’ve been moving things around after my parents have left our guest house, converting that into my studio, and shifting storage from place to place, we found an old box containing some vintage china my grandma left me. I had almost forgotten about it until now! When I opened it up, I knew it would be the inspiration for this year’s bright and colourful Easter table setting on our rich wooden Keswick Table from The Brick – the pairing is just so pretty! Let me share with you this rich pink & blue Easter tablescape idea.Continue reading

French Country Farmhouse Christmas Dining Room & Table Decorating Ideas
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French Country Farmhouse Christmas Dining Room & Table Setting

I’ve been feeling rather confused about which direction I want to go with our Christmas decor this year. I’m not sure if it’s the over abundance of social media or if it’s the fact that I took on a little too much work this season… either way, it’s been a struggle! I really love Christmas and the joy and peace we celebrate at this time of year, so with that in mind I tried to quiet all of the other voices around me for a little while and work on our first Christmas-y room in our home – our dining room. I used mostly what I already had in my holiday decor stash, and focused the decor around the feeling of peace and calmness. Welcome to our French country farmhouse inspired dining room all decorated for Christmas!Continue reading

Colorful Boho Fall Dining Room and Tablescape Ideas
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A Colourful Boho Fall Tablescape

After a summer of spending lots of time together as a family, I’m ready to start entertaining in our home again by inviting more friends over for dinner! Since Fall is my favourite season, I had a lot of fun putting together a Fall table setting idea in our dining room using lots of different colours and textures.Continue reading

Teal and pink boho French country dining room decor
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The Magic of Accessories: Our Summer Dining Room Decor

Accessories in a room are like accessories with an outfit – they can add so much personality and they can completely change a look! I love being able to change the feel of a room by swapping out accessories like art, pillows and drapes to give my home different feelings in different seasons, and to see what kinds of moods I can create. Recently, I changed our front sitting room into a dining room. Today I wanted to show you the magic of accessories and how the mood of this dining room can be easily changed for summer by changing accessories.Continue reading

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Boho Farmhouse Accessories Haul | One Room Challenge Week 5

It’s week 5 of the One Room Challenge. That means there’s only one more week until I share with you our final dining room makeover! In case you’ve missed it, I’m transforming our formal sitting room into a “boho farmhouse” dining room over the course of 6 weeks as part of the ORC. While I frantically finish up the trim work and painting in the space, I had a chance to shop at The Brick today for some accessories for the space. I LOVE what I found! Let me show you the items that I’m going to use to accessorize our dining room.Continue reading

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How to Paint a Dresser with DIY Chalk Style Paint (Video) | One Room Challenge Week 4

It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge and not much has been done this week, to be honest! It’s been snowing here, and I’ve been having a hard time finding motivation to do much of anything (and it’s too wet and cold to put the power tools on the porch to cut trim). I’m thankful to live where and how we do, BUT I have to say that this SNOW at the end of April is really getting me down. Still, I thought I’d share with you what my dining room makeover is looking like this week plus show you how I made over my 15 year old dresser into a fresh, new-looking piece!Continue reading

How to sew DIY hidden tab drapes - video tutorial
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How to Make Hidden Tab Drapes (Video) | One Room Challenge Week 3

It’s already half way to the finish line for this season’s One Room Challenge and I’ve made laughable progress. It’s been snowing here, we took a break from lots of things for Easter, and the kids are wild and cabin-feverish, so not much has been done. I’ve been doing things in a sort of backwards manner because it’s been too cold and wet outside to get the power tools on the porch to do some trim work for the space, so this week I’ve opted for a more indoor activity: sewing drapes.Continue reading