DIY Craftsman Foursquare Home with Grey Siding, Porch with DIY Columns and a Dark Teal Door
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DIY Porch Columns + Working On The Curb Appeal of Our DIY House

This was the summer of “let’s work on curb appeal“. In my head I’d skip outside, dig up the perfect little flower beds in a day (maybe two days?), my hubby would slap up the simple porch columns in an afternoon, and I’d have everything painted and ready for the following weekend. HA HA HA. Like all things home building / renovating related – everything takes 10 times longer than you dream. In this case, it was totally worth all of the literal blood, sweat and tears we shed to make Our DIY House look more complete from the outside this summer. Here’s a quick gallery of what we did to our home this summer to up it’s curb appeal, and how we build our DIY porch columns.Continue reading