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Sew an Upcycled Baby Headband

by Christina Dennis

Upcycled Baby Headband

My 3-year-old daughter loves her little craft scissors, and the other day when I turned my head for two seconds she cut several neat little slits in a pair of her cute leggings! After giving her a lesson on what NOT to cut, I decided to upcycle the leggings into a cute little headband for her baby sister (and bonus – it fits her too)! Here’s how I did it:


  • old leggings or a tshirt with 4-way-stretch (you can stretch both ways; it has spandex or lycra in it)
  • sewing machine


You will need a piece of knit fabric approximately 4″ wide and at least 16″ long for the main part of the headband. In the case of these leggings, I cut the part below the waistband and above the legs to be the main headband piece.


Measure the circumference of your child’s head and cut the length of your main piece to the same measurement (once the 1/2″ seam allowances are subtracted, the headband will fit snugly on the head).

If you’re making a headband as a gift, use the head circumference measurements below as a reference:

Newborn: 14″
6 months: 17″
12 months: 19″
2-3 years: 20″

The circumference of my headband was about 18″ and it happened to fit both my 3 month old and 3 year old daughter!

Fold the piece in half and stitch right sides together using a 1/2″ seam allowance. (In the case of this headband, there were two seams inside from the original leggings – I cover one later with the flower embellishment.)

Turn the piece right-side-out. Then fold the raw end of one side to the inside about 1/2″. Insert the other raw edge inside the folded edge and stitch together to secure.

To make the flower embellishment, you will need to find a piece of fabric on your garment that is approximately 2″ wide and 10″ long (the longer the strip, the larger the flower). I found this piece on the “good leg” of my leggings. Using a long stitch on your machine, make a basting stitch approximately 1/4″ from one side of the piece going lengthwise. Don’t back-stitch. Pull on of the threads after stitching to created a gathered piece.

Find a spot on the main headband piece that you want to affix the flower to (on mine, I put it over one of the seams on the side) and pin the gathered piece to the headband in a spiral shape. Machine sew the flower in a spiral onto the headband (sew over your original gathering stitch). All done – a simple, upcycled headband for your baby girl!

Upcycled Headband

Christina Dennis is the creator and designer behind Golly Gee Baby, a collection of unique and colourful baby clothing and accessories that are ethically manufactured.


The Easy Peasy Hair Clip Tutorial

By Leah Seidl Howdy All! Leah here from Whimsical Elements stopping by for a quick visit! Ever lay awake in your bed at night, in a frantic sweat, just thinking non stop about making your own adorable hair accessories for your own little munchkins- or (let’s be honest ladies) yourself? Ever think “Oh, what I wouldn’t give to possess the know how to rock some awesomeness of my own??!”. Well look no further. Here I have compiled a straight to the point tutorial on how to make basic hair accessories. If you have a glue gun and some ribbon- you’re set! Oh YES, it’s TRUE!! I must forewarn you, that if you are overcome by a sudden urge to make hundreds of these little beauties for EVERYONE you know then I must say this to you : “With great crafty power comes great responsibility”. So without further ado. *Drum Roll Please* THE EASY PEASY HAIR CLIP TUTORIAL!!!


  • A glue gun  (the $5 kind from Walmart or Michaels) is perfect! Glue sticks are a must as well 😉
  • Ribbon (grosgrain ribbon is best) 3/4″ width
  • Lighter or liquid fray check (I rock a lighter myself = inexpensive and fire is pretty)
  • Alligator hair clip 1 3/4″ double pronged (Buy these babies on Etsy or your local beauty supply store)
  • Embellishments (Optional) these might include- buttons, appliqués, fabric, lace, macaroni noodles (just kidding- but you get the idea).
  • Scissors

Ready?????? Let’s get this party started!! Step 1. Take your ribbon of choice and cut off a nice clean end. Then using either your lighter or liquid fray check- quickly seal off the end of the ribbon. This will help prevent fraying that will happen from wear and tear. Step 2. Take your alligator clip and pinch it open. Put the heat sealed end of the ribbon about 1/4 of an inch in between the top and bottom prongs. Step 3. Now take your glue gun and apply a thin amount of glue along the top part of the clip. Remember to put a little blob on the top part of the ribbon that is exposed since you will be overlapping the ribbon on top and want them to create a nice seal. You will have to work relatively quickly since the glue will cool fast. IF that happens, no sweat. Just repeat the process- but beware because too much blobby glue makes for bumpy and uneven ribbon 🙁 Step 4. Now after applying the glue, gently smooth the ribbon over the top of the clip. Then put a small dab of glue on the clip end (top and bottom- where the spring is) and be sure to press the ribbon into there. Step 5. Now here is the part where you decide if you want a fully lined clip or a partially lined clip. Both work great, but depending on hair thickness, etc. it is 100% up to you and what you feel will stay in better. Fully lined clips tend to be a little bit tougher to insert into hair, but gives a bit more friction which can give a stronger hold. Partially lined clips slide in much easier and won’t break your hair – but can also come out more easily. ****A “non-slip grip” which is basically a teeny piece of foam or velcro or shelf liner or silicone that you glue to the underside of the top prong of the clip. This again creates more friction helping the clip stay in more securely. Once more – personal preference and trial and error will help you decide. If you want a fully lined clip. Repeat the exact process as you did in Step. 2. Gluing and pressing and then finally cutting and sealing the ribbon end. If you prefer a partially lined clip…. ….just cut and heat seal the ribbon before the opening on the bottom prong. Glue it down into place. FINITO!!! Now for the FUN part!! Step 6. EMBELLISH the top of your finished hair clips (again totally optional- depends on what kind of style you’re going for). Just glue into place. ADMIRE your rockstar “I can do it too!” finished product. Last but not least……… …..WEAR THEM!!!! Or in my case, poke and prod my 3 year old into wearing what is likely the 7000th hair accessory of her life! See? EASY PEASY! It’s been a treat guest posting for ya’ll!! Now go forth and spread some crafty CHEER!!

Leah Seidl Whimsical Elements



Leah Seidl