How to make a cute kimono shrug from a scarf in less than a minute!
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Make a Kimono Shrug from a Scarf (Video)

Scarves are pretty much the best thing to happen to the world of accessories ever. I have a decent sized collection, and I wear them all year long. There are fluffy ones for winter, and gauzy ones for spring. I have a ton of DIY infinity scarves, and I always love to receive scarves as gifts. Today I wanted to share with you how I’ve been wearing my scarves lately for late Spring. I figured out a really easy way to tie my light scarves to make an adorable kimono-like cover up for over my tank tops. The best parts? You can make this DIY kimono shrug in less than a minute and you don’t need to permanently alter your scarf!Continue reading

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Mommy & Baby Spring Fashion – Petite Curvy Mom Style #SearsMom

Spring is officially here, but my backyard says otherwise – it’s still covered in about 2 feet of snow. Boo! While I wait for the “big melt”, I’m dreaming about wearing Springy clothes and playing outside more often with my girls! I find dressing myself postpartum can be a little tricky, but I want to embrace my body as it is now… and I want to wear cute things. I had a blast this week thinking about warmer weather and putting together some “mommy & baby” spring outfits from Sears. With Easter on its way, I found some adorable pieces that are more formal, and I also found some fun casual outfits that would be great for a mom & kid outing to the park.
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Video Tutorial: 15 Minute Infinity Scarf by The DIY Mommy
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Video Tutorial: Sew a 15 Minute Infinity Scarf

One of the most popular tutorials on The DIY Mommy (and one of my most favourite DIY gifts to make!) is the 15 minute infinity scarf. It’s a really simple project to sew, and such a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. I’ve been asked a couple of times to post a video to clarify some of the steps in this tutorial, so during naptime today I did! I hope you find this video helpful when you make your own infinity scarves. These are really fantastic for Christmas gifts!Continue reading

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9 Favourite Easy Updos for Moms

As a busy mom on the go, I find myself stuck completely in a hair style rut.

My hair’s either down, long and straightened, or I flip it up in a silly ponytail-loop concoction.

Here are some gorgeous looking updo tutorials that I’m dying to try. They look simple to do, and I think they’d take this mom-hair to the next level.

9 Favourite DIY Easy Updos for Mom Hair

  1. Easier Than It Looks Updo from The Small Things Blog
  2. The Top Knot
  3. Rope Braid Chignon from The Beauty Department
  4. Three Twisted Buns from A Cup of Joe
  5. Fishtail Braid from Camille Styles
  6. Quick Twist for Med and Short Hair from The Beauty Department
  7. The Simple Gibson Tuck
  8. Pretty Side French Braid Low Updo from Love Meagan
  9. Knot Your Average Pony from The Beauty Department

How do you wear your mom hair? Which of these ‘do’s is your favourite?


Can curvy moms wear skinny jeans? – Petite Curvy Mom Style

I saw a quote online a few days ago:

“Don’t wear skinny jeans unless you have skinny genes.”

I’ll admit I did laugh (because I’m a sucker for a good pun), but I really don’t agree with this statement. I don’t think you have to be “skinny” to wear skinny jeans (or leggings or tights for that matter), I simply think you need to know how to style them to make them work for your body.

As a petite & curvy mom (I’m about a size 12 right now), I wear skinny jeans, leggings and tights often. I think I mostly get them right, though I know I’ve had a few style disasters along the way. They’re comfy, and a great basic!

Here are my personal “do’s” and “don’ts” for wearing skinny jeans if you’re a petite, curvy mom like me:


  • don’t buy the wrong size (make sure they’re not too, too tight – you don’t want to look like you’re “flowing” out of them at the top”)
  • don’t choose an extremely low cut pant (a higher waistline will also prevent a “muffin top” effect)
  • don’t wear skinny jeans or leggings with a tight top (unless you’re covering that with a long, loose cardi or sweater)
  • don’t wear skinny jeans or leggings with a short top (unless you’re covering it with a longer layer)


  • do opt for higher waisted skinnies
  • do try a body shaper beneath your skinny jeans to smooth out any lumps and bumps
  • do wear longer, looser tops with skinny jeans and leggings (it helps to at least cover the top half of your caboose to create a lengthened shape)
  • do opt for skinnies in darker colours
  • do wear bright accessories near the face (like scarves and long necklaces) to draw the eye upward
  • do think “vertical” – anything to create a long, vertical line will help lengthen your look (open-front, long cardigans; long necklaces; long scarves; vertical stripes; tall boots with a wedge or heel; etc.)
  • do accentuate your narrow parts (a belt around the waist can really help accentuate your lovely hourglass figure)

Here are my picks from one of my favourite online retailers, ModCloth.com,  for pairing with skinny jeans:

What to wear with skinny jeans - petite curvy mom style - The DIY Mommy

  1. Natural Utopia Earrings
  2. Desert Daydreaming Top
  3. Flora All Time Belt
  4. What About Bauble? Necklace
  5. Get Stitched Quick Boot in Brown
  6. Medium Format Memory Tunic
  7. Spring in Every Season Jeans in Teal
  8. Be Still My Locket Necklace
  9. Return of the Macchiato Cardigan
  10. Rooftop Harvest Tunic
  11. Know When to Fold ‘Em Boot in Ivory

Are you new to ModCloth.com? Use this link to get $15 off your first purchase of $50 or more: http://sharethelove.modcloth.com/a/clk/1PrWt1

Are you a petite curvy mom that wears skinny jeans? What are your styling tips?

(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to purchase products via these links, a small percentage of the sale will be given to me at no extra cost to you. It’s a win-win – thanks for helping support thediymommy.com!)

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Sew the 15 Minute Infinity Scarf in 3 More Ways: Striped, Woven Plaid & Lace Overlay

Sew a 15 Minute Infinity Scarf in 3 More Ways: Striped Sweater Knit, Woven Plaid & Lace Overlay

Can you believe Christmas is in just over a week? I certainly can’t, and I’ve been busily finishing up some last minute handmade Christmas gifts for my family and friends.

Something I’m making this year are piles and piles of infinity scarves (remember the tutorial I posted in September?). They don’t take very long, they’re so pretty and practical, and you can personalize them with fabric choice to suit the recipient.

I’ve made three more variations of the classic knit jersey style I had originally made, and I really think they’re all pretty!

Sparkly Striped Sweater Knit Infinity Scarf

For a festive and sparkly look (like the first picture above), I made an infinity scarf with a glittery striped sweater knit. I made this one extra wide (the raw fabric measured about 40″ wide before it was folded and sewn).

Woven Burgundy & Chocolate Plaid Infinity Scarf

Plaid is trendy in a big way this year, and I made a second version of the infinity scarf with a plaid woven fabric with a slight stretch to it. This one was also extra wide (at about 44″ before it was folded and sewn). I’m really liking the look of adding quite a bit of extra width to the scarves, giving them a dramatic full look.

Sew a 15 Minute Infinity Scarf in 3 More Ways: Striped Sweater Knit, Woven Plaid & Lace Overlay

Cream Lace Overlay Infinity Scarf

Finally, I made a third version of the infinity scarf by laying a piece of stretch lace over a piece of stretchy jersey (both were about 15″ wide) right sides together. I sewed them together along the length of each side, and then completed the rest of the scarf as I did in my original tutorial. You could use a different colour of knit jersey for a more contrasting look. It’s such a romantic version of the infinity scarf!

Sew a 15 Minute Infinity Scarf in 3 More Ways: Striped Sweater Knit, Woven Plaid & Lace Overlay

Have you tried making an infinity scarf yet? Please share below if you have with a link to your finished project! Or, if you’re planning on making one for yourself or as a Christmas gift – what would be your favourite fabric choice?


Wear Plaid (and More Plaid) This Winter – Petite Curvy Mom Style

It’s officially freezing cold here, and it does get really cold up here in the “frozen north” (which is what I’m endearingly calling  my country home west of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada).

We had a huge dump of snow again this week, and it’s time to layer clothing and wear big boots. It’s time to pull out all of the comfy, flannely, heavy things I can find and put them on.

I’ve always had a love for plaid prints, and this year I’m seeing plaid trending in a big way. Plaid reminds me of winter and Christmas and coziness. I had a bought of strep throat last week and then my family had a bad cold this week, so nothing seems more joyous to me today than wrapping myself up in layers of sweaters and scarfs and soft plaids and sipping some coffee (coffee!!!) after playing outside with my girlie (for only as long as we can bear)!

Wear Plaid (and More Plaid!) this Winter by The DIY Mommy

Today I wore something that I thought I never would – a plaid jacket with a plaid scarf… and they did not match! It freaked me out a little, but I’m really digging the mismatched look lately, and there are golds and browns in this DIY infinity scarf that coordinate with this gorgeous jacket from Ruche. It’s a fun, country cozy look that I thought was cute! The sash on the jacket cinches my petite & curvy self at the right spot, and I’m wearing my favourite boots (which are buried in the snow).

Scarf: DIY with this tutorial
Coat: New Bedford Plaid Coat from Ruche.com $52.99
Jeans: Joe Fresh $29
Boots: Leatherette strappy boot from GoJane.com $27.50

Underneath this jacket is one of my current favourite sweaters. It’s just so easy to wear, hides my mom-tum and it’s really warm:

Wear Plaid (and more plaid!) this Winter by The DIY Mommy

It’s a cute poncho cape from ModCloth and I think I snagged the last one, but you can Shop ModCloth here for similar styles! They have adorable sweaters and coats this season.

Here’s hoping that the rest of our December is sickness-free and that we can enjoy Christmas without constant nose-wiping and coughing attacks.

What do you like to bundle up in when the weather’s cold?

(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to purchase products via these links, a small percentage of the sale will be given to me at no extra cost to you. It’s a win-win – thanks for helping support thediymommy.com!)


Craft Supply and Indie Fashion Black Friday Sales (or The Crafty Introvert Fashionista’s Guide to the Best Deals this Weekend!)

Raise your hand if you’re like me: you’re an introvert, you love to do crafts and you love unique fashion. Anyone? Good! I’m glad there are more people like me out there!

Because I’m a bit of a homebody and tend to avoid large crowds, I like to shop online during crazy times of year (like Black Friday – and like Boxing day for my fellow Canadians). I enjoy finding great deals on my favourite things!

The following Black Friday sales are from online shops that I’ve purchased from before (several times from some!) and have been so very happy with their products. You’ll find some great sales and coupon codes for crafty supplies for your handmade Christmas products, as well as unique fashions to treat yourself.

Amazing Craft Supply and Indie Fashion Black Friday Sales & Coupon Codes from The DIY Mommy

  1. Fabric.com is the place where I buy most of my fabric and sewing notions. They also have sewing patterns and yarn! This weekend, you can save up to 75% off select items from Fabric.comAND you can use the following coupon codes for an additional discount (until midnight on 11.26.2012):
    1. THX15 (15% off $50 or more with some exemptions)
    2. THX20 (20% off $100 or more with some exemptions)
    3. THX25 (25% off $200 or more with some exemptions)
  2. ModCloth has really adorable fashions and accessories. They carry a lot of indie clothing labels, and my favourite coats have been purchased from ModCloth. This weekend, you can get 50% off hundreds of chic new arrivals until Sunday night!  Now is the time to stock up on great styles for the holidays and beyond! SHOP MODCLOTH NOW
  3. Craftsy is a relatively new site that I’ve recently discovered. They have fantastic deals on yarns and fabric bundles, and they have some excellent deals on some of them this weekend. They also have a massive library of knitting, crochet and sewing patterns! Plus, Craftsy has really neat video classes, and this weekend you can buy $19.95 Craftsy Classes!  SHOP CRAFTSY NOW
  4. Ruche also has gorgeous fashions that have a vintage and feminine touch. My favourite dresses and cardigans have been purchased at Ruche! This weekend, they are featuring some items on sale for under $25 each, plus you can use the following code this weekend to receive an extra 20% off: 2012BF20 SHOP RUCHE NOW
  5. GoJane.com has great fashion boots for affordable prices. I’ve bought a lot of cute shoes and boots from GoJane! They have some great styles for under $25 this weekend and up to 70% off a whole lot of other items too!   SHOP GOJANE.COM NOW

Enjoy shopping in your jammies this weekend! Have you found any other notable deals on craft supplies or fashion this weekend? Please comment below!

(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to purchase products via these links, a small percentage of the sale will be given to me at no extra cost to you. It’s a win-win – thanks for helping support thediymommy.com!)


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A Handmade Christmas: DIY Gifts for Women

Are you joining me in committing to a handmade Christmas this year? Whether you’re making a Christmas gift for your sister, your best friend, your mom or your aunt, the DIY ideas below are easy and unique! I think all of them are lovely, but I’m especially fond of the boot socks and the homemade tea bags.

A Handmade Christmas: DIY Gift Ideas for Women by The DIY Mommy

  1. Boot Socks by Oops! I Craft My Pants
  2. DIY Soaps by 100 Layer Cake
  3. 15 Minute Infinity Scarf by The DIY Mommy
  4. Soy Candles by Ruffled
  5. Braided T-Shirt Bracelets by Henry Happened
  6. Hot / Cold Bags by Bee in my Bonnet
  7. Cozy Toes Slippers by Sew News
  8. Pin Cushion Jars by Make It and Love It
  9. DIY Tea Bags by A Beautiful Mess

Do you have a friend, mom, sister, grandma or aunt in your life that you’re planning to make something for this Christmas? Please comment below!

Commit to A Handmade Christmas This Year with The DIY MommyThis post is part of The DIY Mommy’s “A Handmade Christmas” series. Would you like to commit to giving handmade gifts (made by you or someone else) for Christmas this year? Join me by entering here!

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Sew a Vintage-Inspired Half Slip

by Christina Dennis

Sew a Vintage-Inspired Half Slip by The DIY Mommy

This dress was beautiful, but it needed a lining badly! (Oh-so-see-through!) I whipped up a little vintage-inspired half slip for it the first time I wore it using a scrap of lining fabric and cotton lace. Here’s how I did it:


  • 1 yard lining fabric (or cotton woven, cotton jersey, silk)
  • 1 yard cotton lace trim (optional)
  • 1 yard 1″ elastic


Sew a Vintage-Inspired Half Slip by The DIY MommySew a Vintage-Inspired Half Slip by The DIY Mommy

Cut a piece of fabric that is approximately 1 1/2 times the width of your waist and the length you want your slip to be + 2″ (for the elastic casing and bottom hem). Fold it in half right sides together, and sew the center back seam. I used a serger, but you could use a regular machine and zigzag the raw edges.

Sew a Vintage-Inspired Half Slip by The DIY MommySew a Vintage-Inspired Half Slip by The DIY Mommy

Finish the top and bottom raw edges with either a serger or a zigzag. Hem the lower edge by folding it up 1/2″ and sewing. Fold the upper edge over 1 1/4″ and sew close to the finished edge to make a casing for the elastic. Leave a 1 1/2″ opening, thread elastic through, then sew the opening shut.

Sew a Vintage-Inspired Half Slip by The DIY MommySew a Vintage-Inspired Half Slip by The DIY Mommy

If desired, sew a strip of lace over the bottom hem as shown. It’s a pretty detail that could peek out from beneath a skirt! Finally, I like to sew a line in the middle of my elastic casing to ensure the elastic doesn’t roll and flip (as shown above). That’s it! It’s a pretty little slip for beneath those sheer skirts and dresses that’s easy to make and so sweet and feminine!

Sew a Vintage-Inspired Half Slip by The DIY Mommy