DIY Floral Home Decor Ideas you can make with your printer!
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DIY Floral Home Decor Ideas You Can Make with a Printer

Brought to you by Canon PIXMA and TheCO.

It’s no secret that I love flowers, and I especially love using them in home decor. There’s something so beautiful and fresh about bringing the outdoors in! My favourite floral home decor accents are the ones I can make myself. Pillows and curtains are some of my favourite floral decor DIYs, but today I wanted to share with you some ideas that are even more unique. What makes these special? They’re all made with the help of your inkjet printer! I made these floral wood slice coasters, this vintage seed packet banner, and this pretty decoupaged storage box with my Canon PIXMA printer and some simple crafting supplies. Let me show you how to make these unique and beautiful floral DIYs!Continue reading

I Choose Love Free Valentine Printable Artwork, Computer Desktop Wallpaper, iPhone Wallpaper
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I Choose Love Free Valentine Printable Artwork, Desktop Wallpaper & Phone Wallpaper

“Love is patient, love is kind.” You might be familiar with¬†this Bible verse. It’s one of the most popular verses about love there is and it’s often recited at weddings and printed on artwork. We even have this verse hung on a sign in our master bedroom. I adore this verse, and I think it’s such a good reminder about how we need to CHOOSE to love. It’s not a fluffy feeling, it’s not a fleeting thought… it’s a choice to be unselfish and graceful and forgiving. My marriage, my motherhood, and my friendships have their ups and downs and things aren’t always sparkles and rainbows, but I want to CHOOSE to love my hubby, my friends and my kids through all of the trials we might face. I often need a reminder of how I need to choose to love, so I’ve created this pretty, floral artwork in honour of LOVE and in preparation of Valentine’s Day coming soon. Would you like this artwork, too? I’ve created a free printable artwork download just for you, along with free downloadable desktop wallpaper and free iPhone / smart phone wallpaper. Hooray for love!Continue reading

DIY aqua & red vintage inspired small laundry room design idea with a giant pegboard
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A Vintage Inspired Red & Aqua Laundry Room (+ Video Tour!)

I never thought I’d be this excited about a laundry room before, but I am seriously FREAKING OUT. I am so, so incredibly happy with how our laundry makeover turned out that I couldn’t wait to share it with you. It might sound silly, but I truly think that making this room a little prettier will give me the boost I need to keep up (better) with the piles and piles of little girl laundry that we have. This small laundry room makeover didn’t cost us much at all – we bought material for a giant pegboard and I purchased a couple pegboard accessories online. The rest of the transformation was due to a lot of elbow grease and a ton of DIY. I give you our vintage inspired red and aqua small laundry room:Continue reading

Gorgeous Spring wreath made from a grapevine wreath, DIY fabric roses, silk leaves, faux pussy willow and berry branches, boa feathers and a velvet ribbon banner.
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Video Tutorial: Make a Spring Grapevine Wreath with Fabric Flowers

The fabric flowers we made for my sister’s wedding last year are sure getting a workout. Not only were they gorgeous in her bouquet, but I’ve used them (and made more!) for decorating around the house… and for decorating my kiddos (like Baby B here). This week, I thought they would look fabulous on a fresh, new Spring wreath! I think this nature-inspired wreath turned out really soft and pretty looking, and I like that it’s simple and a bit quirky.¬†Continue reading

Rustic Spring Teal Mason Jars + Hydrangea Rustic Barnwood Box Centerpiece
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Rustic Spring Planter Box Centerpiece with Mason Jars & Hydrangeas

Oh boy, oh boy! Spring is almost officially here, and the weather is starting to get warm and gorgeous up here in Alberta. There’s something about Spring that makes me instantly happy, you know what I mean? It’s the thought of new beginnings, puddle-jumping, the smell of warm dirt and grass… and the thought of shipping the kiddos OUTSIDE to play! It’s just a thrilling thought. We won’t have any real flowers growing here for a while yet (heck, we might still get another snowstorm), but for now I’ve made do with some faux florals to celebrate the upcoming season. Meet my rustic barnwood planter box full of teal hydrangeas, blue mason jars and birch bark candles:Continue reading

How to make an easy DIY floral ironing board tutorial
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Sew an Easy DIY Ironing Board Cover

This project has got to be one of my favourite because it’s just SO simple and easy, but it is just so satisfying. There’s just something about taking something utilitarian and a wee bit blah and turning it into something cute and pretty in a few simple steps and without spending a ton of money. This DIY ironing board cover (made from one of my FAVE fabrics right now) was so much fun! Here’s how a made a pretty, floral ironing board cover in an afternoon.Continue reading