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Gallery Wall and DIY Map Art
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DIY Map Art + Our Gallery Wall Update (Video)

A little while ago, we decided to move our TV from our living room down to the basement. It was actually my hubby’s idea, and at first I was uber skeptical, but now I’m so happy that we did it! The main floor is quieter at “quiet time” (that magical hour when Baby B naps and the other two girls play video games), and it’s also a lot easier to keep the main floor tidy. HOORAY!

Our TV used to be on our wall opposite our fireplace in the living room, and I arranged some art around it to create a gallery wall. When we moved the TV, I had to re-work the wall and add in some more art. The solution? Some easy DIY map art with a canvas I already had and some free printables.Continue reading

Asymmetrical vintage industrial family gallery wall idea with rusty letter, vintage keys, and clock.
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4 Simple Gallery Wall Tips + Gallery Wall Layout Ideas

Gallery walls are a really popular home decor element right now and I have to admit – I LOVE THEM! As a graphic designer and a lover of all forms of art, finding a whole boatload of photos and art, mixing them together, and spreading them out on a wall appeals to me in a big way. When we moved out of our little Garage House into Our DIY House, I finally had the wall space to try my hand at creating gallery walls and it’s official: I’m a total gallery wall addict. I’m foaming at the mouth to do more! Today, I want to share with you some things that I’ve learned so far about planning and hanging up a gallery wall, some gallery wall tips, and some gallery wall layout ideas. I also had an idea to create some printable artwork packs in my Etsy shop that you can download and create your own instant gallery wall in a snap! I’ll share the details below.

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