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2017 Zone 3 Garden Tour (Video)

Our garden is in full bloom and I’m loving it! I’m truly a summer girl, and when all the flowers are blooming and the fruit is starting to ripen, I’m in my glory. And so are my kids! It’s heavenly.

Here’s a quick video tour of our 2017 flower, fruit and vegetable garden with some of the plants that we find grow well here near Edmonton. If you’re also in North America, that’s zone 3. Welcome to our garden!

How to build a DIY rustic garden bench with logs and reclaimed wood
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Easy DIY Rustic Log & Reclaimed Wood Garden Bench

It’s the FINAL week of Outdoor Extravaganza, and me and my blogging friends are sharing some outdoor building and painting ideas with you today! I’m quite excited with how my simple building project turned out, and I think it’s going to look great on the new patio we’re building (more on that to come this weekend). Let me share with you how to build a simple, rustic log & reclaimed wood garden bench and make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see some more building and painting ideas for your outdoor space.Continue reading

DIY Paint Dipped Succulent Log Planter
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Make a Paint Dipped Succulent Log Planter

A paint-dipped log planter for your succulents – it’s everything you never knew you wanted! This cute little project is simple, quick, and it’s a great one to involve the kids with. Let me show you how easy it is to make this fun log planter for your succulents this Spring, and make sure to scroll to the end of this post to see more plant & flower ideas from my blogging friends for this month’s Outdoor Extravaganza!
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Egg Shell Seed Starters + The Creative Corner #137: DIY, Craft & Home Decor Link Party

Happy, happy Sunday, friends! It’s craft, DIY & home decor link party time – welcome to  The Creative Corner! I’m excited for another week of linking up your favourite projects.

Thanks so much to those of you that linked up your projects last week. So many of you are linking up and sharing your creations, and I love seeing all of your projects. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Morden Blush and Morden Belle Roses
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2016 Summer Garden Tour (Video)

It’s been an absolutely perfect summer so far for gardening in Alberta. Last year was so very dry, and this year we’re getting a generous amount of rain and sunshine. Let me give you a tour of our little flower and fruit bed in front of our house. You might just get some ideas for your own zone  2 or 3 perennial and fruit garden, too!Continue reading

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12 Gorgeous Country Farmhouse Outdoor Décor Ideas

Thank you so much to all of you that linked up your beautiful outdoor décor and DIY ideas to our Outdoor Extravaganza link party last week! In case you missed it, make sure to click here to visit the link party and check out all of the fabulous ideas. Today I’m sharing 12 of my favourite projects from the link party that all have the vintage country farmhouse look that I love. Ready for some gorgeousness? Here are 12 beautiful country farmhouse décor ideas from some incredibly talented bloggers.Continue reading

A secret garden swing retreat - the perfect little mini patio in the woods with a shade garden, a wooden swing, and a side table for drinks
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A Secret Garden Swing Retreat

I keep reading over and over again about how much a simple walk in the woods can improve our mental health. I completely believe it! When I’m out in my little garden, or tromping through the forest with my girls, I feel so relaxed. It’s so therapeutic. If you’re like me and you suffer from anxiety or you’re a real “deep-feeler”, I bet you’d also benefit from spending some time outdoors in the woods. We’re lucky enough to have a little forest behind our house on our acreage, so I decided I needed to take my “forest therapy” one step further and create a little secret garden swing retreat for myself. She Sheds are all the rage right now, so why not a “She Swing” retreat? It’s a lot more affordable, and you can make your secret garden swing retreat as simple or as complex as you’d like. Here’s how I made mine.
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