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Thankful Tree Thankgiving Kids Craft
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Make a Thankful Tree: A Thankgiving Kid’s Craft – Tip Tuesday

Thanksgiving Day is next Monday (for us Canadians), and it’s one of my favourite holidays.

It’s not just for the pumpkin pie and turkey (which I am SO looking forward to this year as it will be the first extended family dinner that I’ve ever hosted in our new house)!

I love Thanksgiving because it forces me to pause, reflect, and remember the blessings we’ve been given.

(NOTE: This post was originally published in October 2013 and has now been updated with a video!)Continue reading

The best play dough recipe - soft, stretchy, colorful!
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The Best Play Dough Recipe: Soft, Stretchy and Colorful!

My mom used to make play dough for us ALL THE TIME. Here recipe was always the best, and it’s the one I love the most to this day! I’ve tried all sorts of different ways to make play dough, and this recipe has stood the test of time. It produces play dough that’s soft, it doesn’t dry out quickly, it’s stretchy, and it isn’t smelly. Here’s what I think is the BEST play dough recipe!Continue reading

These love bug "pets" are a really cute Valentine craft idea for kids!
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Love Bug Valentine Kid’s Craft (Video)

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and it’s my girls favourite day of the year! They love helping me decorate our home with hearts and pink, and we also enjoy coming up with Valentines for their classmates together. We thought up these love bug valentines for this year, and my daughters were totally smitten with these little guys! These DIY Valentines would make sweet gifts for classmates and friends and they’re a great non-candy Valentine idea!
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How to make pom poms + a silly Spring pom-pom animal kid's craft
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How to Make Pom Poms + A Silly Spring Pom-Pom Animal Kid’s Craft (Video)

There’s not much that makes me happier than when I get to do fun crafts with my girls. I simply adore spending time with my daughters, and we have so much fun making things together! When it comes to kid’s crafts, my motto is: the sillier, the better. My girlies love cute and funny crafts that they can play with and laugh about after they’re done. These silly Spring pom pom animals are just that. They were a lot of fun to make with my 6 year old daughter, and all of my daughters enjoyed playing with them when they were done!Continue reading

How to make a snowflake Christmas ornament with pipe cleaners and beads. This is a great kid's craft!
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DIY Christmas Ornament: A Pipe Cleaner and Beads Snowflake (A Kid’s Craft)

It’s day three of DIY Christmas ornament week. In case you missed yesterday’s fabric & ribbon wrapped recycled ornaments, here they are. Today I’m sharing with you an easy little snowflake ornament made of pipe cleaners and beads. This is a fantastic kid’s craft and we’re going to make some for Little A’s Frozen birthday party coming up this weekend!Continue reading

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Christmas trees & faux snow in a baby food jar!
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DIY Christmas Ornament: A Recycled Baby Food Jar Tree Snow Globe

Happy MONDAY and welcome to a new week in November! Remembrance Day is tomorrow here in Canada. We will take the day to remember the many brave people that have lost their lives for Freedom in our country. (This great video is one that I will share with my young children.) After tomorrow, we will begin decorating Our DIY House for Christmas 2014. I’m so excited to spend our second Christmas together as a family in our new home!

This week, I’m going to share with you some really simple DIY handmade Christmas tree ornament ideas that you can make inexpensively (or for free) this year. Rather than buying a ton of new ornaments, I thought it would be fun to upcycle and hand make some cute and fun ornaments with my kids. At the end of the week, I’ll share something unique that I’m doing with our homemade ornaments (before we put them on the tree, of course).Continue reading

Make a floral crown from foam sheets, pipe cleaners and ribbon. The DIY Mommy.
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Make a Summery Flower Crown from Foam Sheets – A Kid’s Craft

We’ve been enjoying our Michaels crafty summer (complete with less screen time and visits to Passport to Imagination craft classes) so far. I can’t believe it’s already August  tomorrow – seriously! We need to soak in as much sun as we can get (which has been tricky in this weird-weather-summer we’ve been having) and continue our quest to play and craft together before playschool starts again for the year.Continue reading