Cheerful & colourful Farmhouse breakfast nook makeover
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Mood Board: A Cheerful, Colourful Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

After converting our front formal sitting room into a dining room last Spring (read about that here), I’ve come to realize that the large formal looking table set in our kitchen now feels redundant. After much thought and some help from my friends at The Brick, I’ve decided to convert our kitchen dining area into a more casual, more cheerful and more cozy farmhouse style breakfast nook. Let me share with you my layout ideas for the space, a mood board, and some DIY projects I have in mind for our colourful farmhouse breakfast nook.Continue reading

Lake House White Cottage Kitchen Design
DIY Home Decor

Classic Lake Cottage Kitchen Progress with Maytag Appliances – Mom’s Lake House

Happy Boxing Day, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Last week (and just in time for the big day!) my parents did a ton of finishing work on their beautiful cottage style kitchen in their lake house, and I want to share that progress with you today. I thought it would be the perfect time to reveal how their new Maytag appliances from The Brick look in this space because Boxing Day is a great day to go shopping for deals on big ticket items like this!Continue reading