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Kids Closet Organization Ideas with free Cricut file for dresser labels
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Kids Closet Organization Ideas (+ Free Cricut File for Dresser Labels!)

Isn’t it THE BEST feeling to purge the contents of a closet, start anew, and get it looking clean and organized again?! That’s what I did last week with Little B’s closet and it felt AMAZING. Admittedly, I had held on to her baby clothes for far too long and her closet was jam packed with things that didn’t even fit her any more. I finally donated some things, organized her closet, and now it looks so good! The best part? Little B can dress herself so much easier now! Let me share with you some ideas on how to organize your own child’s closet, plus a free Cricut project file to print off some adorable dresser labels to help them put away their clothes and get dressed themselves!Continue reading

Modern Scandinavian Rainbow Toddler Bedroom Makeover
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A Modern Rainbow Toddler Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Little B and I are so excited to share with you her finished bedroom makeover! As a self professed lover of “Elsa and rainbows”, Little B requested that I incorporate both of those things in her bedroom re-design. I think we were able to include the things that Little B loves while keeping her new bedroom looking fresh and modern. Come take a tour of Little B’s modern rainbow toddler bedroom!Continue reading

Modern Rainbow Toddler Bedroom Mood Board
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Mood Board: Modern Rainbow Toddler Room (Little B’s Bedroom Makeover Week #1)

When we built our home, my hubby thought it would be a good idea to design it with 4 bedrooms just so that we’d have an extra. We had two daughters at the time. I reluctantly agreed that having one extra room wouldn’t be a bad thing, and we built our home with four bedrooms. The month that we moved into our new house – July 2013 – we found out that we were expecting baby #3! Our “extra” room quickly became the new baby’s room. We had already painted it a medium grey colour so it could be a flex room, so I did the best I could with what we had and decorated it for our new baby girl in a “boho chic” theme. Fast forward 3 years later, and that baby girl is almost three years old! It’s time to give Little B’s room a makeover to suit her unique toddler style and address some of the storage concerns we have in there. Let me show you what we’re planning to do with Little B’s room, and a Modern Rainbow Kids Room mood board!Continue reading