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Beautiful & Practical Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas

Last week I was able to go through my 9 year old daughter’s room with a giant garbage bag and a will to organize, and we finally get it clean and tidy. She’s a bit of a pack rat, so lots of things had accumulated in her room and it was time to do a giant clean and get some better organizational systems in her bedroom. Here are some of the improvements we made to Little C’s bedroom and some ideas on beautiful yet practical organization systems for kids bedrooms!Continue reading

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A White, Pink & Metallic Flocked Fairy Tale Christmas Tree in the Bedroom

Have you ever wondered how to make your Christmas tree look extra snowy and magical? Are you wondering how to make it look like a designer put it together? This week, I had the chance to transform Little C’s bedroom into a Christmas fairy tale wonderland. A magical, snowy Christmas tree is the highlight of the room, and today I’m showing you how I made it look extra special and giving you some simple tips on how to decorate a beautiful Christmas tree.Continue reading

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A Pink, White & Gold Shabby Chic Glam Girls’ Bedroom Reveal (Little C’s Room Makeover for the ORC)

It’s here, it’s here! It’s room reveal day for the makeover we gave my 7 year old daughter, Little C, as part of the One Room Challenge. We are both so thrilled with how her room makeover turned out, and I’m so excited to share it here with all of you today! We went for a shabby chic inspired look with lots of blush pink, white, and touches of gold (as per Little C’s request). I love how soft and sweet the room looks now, and it seems so much bigger and feels more serene than it did before. Here’s a tour of Little C’s newly made over pink, white and gold “shabby chic glam” bedroom!Continue reading

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Make Shabby Chic Glam Kids’ Bedding (+ Little C’s Bedroom Makeover Progress for the ORC)

Our pink and shabby chic inspired bedroom makeover for my Little C has almost come to a close. Next Thursday, I’ll share with you the final reveal of the room as part of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home! I’ve really enjoyed making over my 7 year old’s room, and I think she’s enjoyed the process too. We’re also both really happy with how the space is turning out, and there (suprisingly!) haven’t many snags along the way. This past week, I worked on sewing some custom pillow covers and a shabby chic inspired duvet cover for Little C’s bed. Let me share with you how I made them, and how you could make your own DIY bedding too!
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How to Choose Kids’ Room Furniture that You’ll Both Love (+ Little C’s Bedroom Makeover Progress for the ORC)

We’ve been chipping away at my 7 year old daughter’s pink + shabby chic bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge. This week is week 4 of 6 of the challenge already (yikes!), and we’ve been focusing on her bedroom furniture. Choosing furniture for kids’ rooms can sometimes be a tricky task. We as parents want the furniture to be functional and high quality, but we also want to make sure our kids love it and will use it! Here are some tips that I’ve found helpful to consider when choosing furniture for childrens’ rooms, and I’m also sharing a few peeks at Little C’s gorgeous new dresser and nightstand.
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Easy DIY Kids’ Art Display (+ Little C’s Bedroom Makeover Progress for the ORC)

Redesigning a room with my 7 year old daughter is turning out to be really, really fun! When we first designed her room, she was 4 and didn’t really have her own sense of style yet. Now, she really seems to know what she wants and I’m just loving it. Today I want to give you a little bit more of a peek at our room makeover progress for the One Room Challenge, and share with you how we displayed kids’ art in Little C’s bedroom.
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A Thrifted Shabby Chic Gallery Wall and Lamp Makeover #12MonthsofDIY

Doesn’t it feel good to make someone else’s trash into your own treasure? I love upcycling projects. There’s something so rewarding about reusing items and breathing new life into them. Not only are you being kind to our earth by saving things from the dumpster, but you’re able to get really creative by imagining a new use and look for something! This month, I was able to find a collection of items at our local Value Village that were begging for a makeover and turned them into a pretty shabby chic gallery wall for Little C’s room! I also gave a lovely lamp I found a bit of a feminine makeover, and it also looks really gorgeous in Little C’s room. Let me show you how, and make sure you visit all of the other bloggers at the end of this post to see what they made from their Value Village finds!
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