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Sew a 15 Minute Reusable Snack Bag

Several years ago I set out to design a very simple reusable snack bag for things like sandwiches and crackers. I came up with an easy design that took me only 15 minutes to sew! These little DIY reusable snack bags are cute and they’re so functional for litterless back-to-school snacks and lunches.Continue reading

Easy Easter Brunch or Breakfast Ideas - so simple and pretty!
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Easy Easter Brunch Ideas

With Easter approaching, lots of us are scrambling to come up with tasty but simple menu ideas to serve our guests. One of my favourite meals to serve is breakfast or brunch, so this Spring I thought it would be fun to host a beautiful, fresh brunch to celebrate Easter. Let me show you some simple Easter table decor ideas as well as some easy tricks and recipes for the perfect Spring breakfast.Continue reading

Steamed Lemon Pepper Fish and Asparagus Packet
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Make Steamed Lemon Pepper Fish & Asparagus Packets

It’s hard to find lunches and suppers to make that are both fast and nutritious. Often, it’s one or the other but not both! One way I’ve found to cut down on cooking time is to steam foods in my Panasonic Steam Convection Oven. It’s a really quick way to cook foods like veggies and fish, and the results are really tender and tasty – especially if you seal your food up in a parchment paper packet. Yum! One of my latest favourites? Steamed lemon pepper fish and asparagus packets. I can prep these in no time at all, and steaming them in the packet locks all the flavours in. Let me show you how easy it is to make these fish & asparagus packets. They’re such a quick and nutritious option for lunch or dinner!
Continue reading

Easy No Sandwich School Lunch Ideas
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Easy No-Sandwich School Lunch Ideas

As much as I’d like to give my girls a sweet little bento box for their school lunches every day complete with adorable cut-out shapes, fruit skewers and cheese statues… I simply don’t have the time. I also don’t have the brain power at 6:30 in the morning, for that matter. However, I do want to give them interesting school lunches full of nutritious choices that are more interesting than a daily sandwich. Here are some of the lunches I’ll be packing for my 7 and 5 year old this year, and they don’t include one sandwich! With the help of an insulated container (which I finally purchased for the girls’ lunches this year!) & Minute Rice Ready to Serve Cups, I have a lot more options for school lunches – even when I’m packing lunches half-asleep at 6:30 am! Read on for some easy, no-sandwich lunch ideas for back-to-school.Continue reading