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Modern French Country Master Bedroom Mood Board Design
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Mood Board: A Modern French Country Master Bedroom (My One Room Challenge Project)

With almost all of the rooms in Our DIY House done (ish), it’s time to work on a very personal space in our home: our master suite. We’ve left this space until almost the very last because hardly anyone sees it except for us, but it’s definitely time to finish it and turn it into a luxurious retreat for my hubby and me. I really enjoyed being a part of the One Room Challenge this Spring (you can check out the makeover I did in Little C’s bedroom here), so I thought the Fall version of the ORC would be a great way to encourage the finishing of our master suite. I want our master bedroom and bathroom to feel very calming and elegant, but I also want to give them some modern and rustic touches. The look I’m going for? Modern French Country! I love the traditional, rustic elements you usually find in French country decor like linen, cotton, old wood and burnished metals. We’ll make the space a little more modern by introducing a little bit of geometric pattern, pops of black and some sparkle. Let me show you what we’re planning to do to make our master suite a modern french country retreat (in 6 weeks!) for the One Room Challenge.Continue reading

A serene grey and white master bedroom with DIY pillows.
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A Quick DIY Master Bed Refresh

Hands down, my most favourite social media platform right now is Instagram. There’s something about it that is so positive and inspiring. Unlike other social media platforms, negative trolls rarely gather there, and there’s just so much light-heartedness and support all around. I’m totally a visual person, and pictures everywhere just make me smile!

Last week, the hashtag #inspiremediy caught my eye, and I decided to join in on the fun. Several bloggers were tackling a DIY on their to-do list and sharing it with their Instagram followers. I chose to take on finishing off my master bed. Just the bed… for now. There’s lots to do in our master bedroom and ensuite, but I’ve had the fabric for the pillows I wanted to make lying around for a really long time and the space was just so sad looking.
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Mood Board: Rustic Glam Master Suite Retreat – Our DIY House

A master bedroom suite should be a place to relax, to dream and to retreat… especially when you have young children that demand your attention all day long!

I haven’t had a place to retreat to in a very long time (except for the bathroom in our Garage House, which is less than glamourous). Our DIY House will have a bedroom just for me and the Hubs – with a lovely ensuite and walk-in closet to boot! I am over-the-moon-crazy-freaky-excited about this spot just for us. They’ll be no babies in bassinets by my head, no change tables, no file folders, no electrical box… and so much room.Continue reading