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Cozy & Romantic Guest Bedroom Inspiration
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How to Start a Room Makeover

Need help knowing where to begin when starting your room makeover? These six steps will help you get going; they work for me every time!

We’re starting a room makeover in our basement – our storage room is becoming a pretty guest room for some summer guests! I thought I’d take you along with us as we renovate it from start to finish, and share some of my favourite room makeover & decorating tricks.Continue reading

Cheerful & colourful Farmhouse breakfast nook makeover
DIY Home Decor

Mood Board: A Cheerful, Colourful Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

After converting our front formal sitting room into a dining room last Spring (read about that here), I’ve come to realize that the large formal looking table set in our kitchen now feels redundant. After much thought and some help from my friends at The Brick, I’ve decided to convert our kitchen dining area into a more casual, more cheerful and more cozy farmhouse style breakfast nook. Let me share with you my layout ideas for the space, a mood board, and some DIY projects I have in mind for our colourful farmhouse breakfast nook.Continue reading

Farmhouse Chic Studio mood board with white, wood & teal
DIY Home Decor

Mood Board: A Cozy, Farmhouse Chic Studio

You might remember the renovation we did on our old “garage house” almost two years ago when we updated it into a guest house. Since then, my parents have been living in it as they finish off their new home (Mom’s Lake House – read more about that here). This Spring, this mini home is going to be transformed into yet another space… my studio! I’m SO excited to have a space of my very own to do better videography, photography, and DIY projects to share with you. Let me show you the plans!Continue reading

Holiday 2017 Trends Mood Board with Texture
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2017 Holiday Trends Mood Board with Texture

Brought to you by Texture and TheCo.

I’m already excited and thinking about our Holiday plans this year. How about you? Every year in the Fall I start rolling Christmas decorating, fashion and food ideas around in my head, and as soon as mid-November hits I’m ready to go. I use a lot of things as inspiration for my Holiday style – my personal taste, nature, history, new products, fellow bloggers and designers – but one of my favourite style resources are magazines. There’s nothing quite like the perfect styling and photography that’s found in a magazine, and today with the help of Texture I want to share with you some 2017 Holiday trends that I’m loving this year!
Continue reading