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How to Style a Colorful Couch - Paris Loveseat in Ocean from The Brick
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How to Style a Colourful Sofa

You know those pieces of furniture that just call to you and ask you to take them home? This was the case with this Paris Loveseat in Ocean I found at The Brick. The colour, the shape, the texture… everything about this little loveseat was perfect for my new studio! If you’ve followed my blog or YouTube channel for a little while, you’ll know that I usually recommend getting your large furniture in a neutral colour, but then I also say that you should decorate with things you LOVE. This was the case with this brightly coloured loveseat! I’ve always adored the colour teal and tufted anything, so I knew this piece would stand the test of time in my studio or home. If you have a brightly coloured sofa or loveseat or you’re considering getting one, read on to see some ideas on how you can style a brightly colored couch!Continue reading

My DIY Studio, Little White Studio Update
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My DIY Studio Update: A New Workspace!

Aren’t new seasons of life fun and exciting? Sure they can be challenging, but I always love a new adventure, don’t you? That’s how I’m feeling as my parents have moved out of our little guest house and are settling into their new lake house (which I’ll share more of here SOON). We will miss them, but we’re also excited that they’ll have their own home and that I get to convert our guest house into my dream studio space! A couple of weeks ago, I shared my plans for this new studio, and you can find that with a mood board for the cozy farmhouse chic space right here. Today, I want to give you an update on what I’ve done to my studio so far.Continue reading

Modsy E-Design Services from $69
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Help Me Choose My DIY Studio Layout! (+ Get your own room designed from $69 with Modsy!)

It’s always a great idea to have an objective, creative person take a look at your space to give you layout and furniture ideas. Even though I’ve been styling rooms for years now, I still get stumped and need some fresh ideas! The other day, I introduced you to my latest project: turning our guest house into a studio for my photography, videography and creative projects. Have a look at the mood board here, and then read on to help me choose the layout for the space and see how you can get your own room layout & furniture ideas from just $69 with Modsy (plus, use my exclusive coupon code DIYMOMMY20 to get 20% off)!Continue reading

Farmhouse Chic Studio mood board with white, wood & teal
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Mood Board: A Cozy, Farmhouse Chic Studio

You might remember the renovation we did on our old “garage house” almost two years ago when we updated it into a guest house. Since then, my parents have been living in it as they finish off their new home (Mom’s Lake House – read more about that here). This Spring, this mini home is going to be transformed into yet another space… my studio! I’m SO excited to have a space of my very own to do better videography, photography, and DIY projects to share with you. Let me show you the plans!Continue reading