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Easy New Years Eve Table & Decor Ideas

As I was rolling ideas around in my mind for a New Years Eve party table setting design, the only thought that came to me was simple. Honestly, friends, I’ve been so tired lately and I’m really ready to take a break over the Christmas holiday season. As much as I love celebrating both Christmas and New Years, I wanted the transition from a Christmas themed dining room to a New Years Eve themed room to be easy and quick. When I stumbled across a set of glided bowls at my grocery store, I knew they’d be the perfect items to transform my Christmas table into a New Years Eve table in a matter of minutes. Let me share with you some extra easy New Years Eve table & decor ideas that hardly cost any money or time at all!Continue reading

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Family Friendly New Years Party Ideas

New Year’s Day is an extra special day for our family. Not only do we celebrate the dawn of a fresh, new year, but January 1st is also the day that my oldest daughter was born. In fact, she was born shortly after the clock struck midnight – 12:22 am! Because of this, we party extra hard for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. And by “party hard”, I mean we eat all of our favourite snacks, do our favourite count-down, don our party hats, and decorate our home with as much glitter and sparkle as we possibly can! Let me share with you some family friendly New Year’s party ideas that will make it easy and fun for you and your kids to celebrate the new year.Continue reading