Soft Boho Baby Nursery by The DIY Mommy
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Less Is More: What I’ve Learned About Nursery Nesting After 3 Babies #SearsMom

Baby B is *kind of * sleeping through the night now. It feels wonderful. Sure, I love those soft and quiet moments with only her as I nurse her in the stillness of 2 am, but I also love sleeping. I love the feeling of a clear head that I have after a good night’s sleep. I feel like I have more patience with all three children when I have a good sleep. It’s a welcome change after so much newborn-induced sleeplessness! Now that Baby B is 7 weeks old, I’m reflecting on how quickly the newborn stage goes and has gone with all three of my children. It’s gone in a blink, and all of the sudden they’re toddlers. Then, they’re on their way to kindergarten like my oldest is this fall!Continue reading

DIY Fabric Feather Wall Art - just use wire, fabric, & some Heat 'N Bond for unique artwork!
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Make Fabric Feather Wall Art

Baby B’s nursery is almost done! I’m just working on the finishing touches this week, and then I can proudly say that ALL of my girls’ rooms are completely decorated. (I cannot claim that they are ever tidy, however, so I’m kind of glad that I’m immortalizing clean versions of them in photos on this blog.) Something I love to make is custom, DIY wall art. It’s fun to create something unique and something that’s a potential conversation piece! For Baby B’s room, I highlighted the “soft boho” theme of her decor with this fun fabric feather DIY artwork.
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DIY Herringbone / Chevron Baby Quilt Tutorial - The DIY Mommy
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Sew an Easy Herringbone Baby Quilt

I am by no means a quilter, but I think that every baby needs a special quilt that was made just for them. They’re so lovely to snuggle in and they make a wonderful heirloom for Baby to keep as they grow. I’m a huge fan of quilts that are a little bit modern, a little bit whimsical, and one’s that are simple to make. Because I don’t have any “pro quilter” equipment, an easy pattern is essential  – and the small size of a baby quilt really helps too!
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How to make DIY monogram wall art for a nursery or kid's room with burlap, and Ikea frame and scrap fabric.
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Make DIY Monogram Wall Art for a Nursery

Just above Little A’s crib in her newly decorated bedroom, is a pretty monogram art made from an Ikea picture frame, some burlap fabric, an MDF letter “A”, Mod Podge, and some scrap fabric that matches her room decor. I made it in an afternoon (during nap time, of course!) and I’m really happy with how simple it was to make and what a big impact it makes in her room! I was inspired by this photo and this photo and I thought I’d combine the two ideas and make up the steps as I go. Would you like to make your own DIY monogram wall art for your little’s nursery? Read on!
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A Sunny Woodland Nursery. This sweet nursery is decorated in aqua, yellow, blush pink and chocolate brown and features a ton of inexpensive DIY decor elements.
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Little A’s Sunny Woodland Nursery – Our DIY House

It feels so good to get rooms completely decorated! That seems to be how I’ve been working best as we slowly finish Our DIY House: one room at a time. Little A’s room is probably my most favourite room so far – it’s fun & happy with so many simple DIY elements! I’m also happy that I finished it before I moved onto Baby Three’s. I really, really wanted Little A to have her own special space and I knew it would be hard to finish once the new babe arrives.Continue reading

DIY Pom-Pom Trimmed Nursery Drapes
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Make Boutique Nursery Drapes with Pre-Made Curtains and Pom-Pom Trim

With Baby Three arriving in about 7 weeks (give or take), I’m bound and determined to finish decorating my second daughter’s bedroom before that day comes. Little C had hers finished first, and I want to make sure Little A has a pretty room to sleep in too before I’m too busy to do much of anything!

I’m slowly plugging along at it, and one of my favourite things so far in it are these simple DIY nursery curtains that I made from Ikea drapes and some pom pom trim.
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"You Are Loved" Free Nursery Printable by The DIY Mommy
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“You Are Loved” Free Nursery Printable

Yesterday was one of those days with my children where my patience was non-existent.

I was extra snappy, extra tired, and I wasn’t exactly the mother that I’d like to be.

I’m sure you have these moments too. You go to sleep with some regrets and hope to wake up in the morning with extra hugs and kisses for their little faces, a kinder voice, and more patience to hear their wee requests.Continue reading