Checklist for Cleaning and Organizing After the Holidays
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Cleaning and Organizing After the Holidays: A Checklist (+ Enter to Win $500 from Esurance!)

Christmas time can be a little chaotic, a little messy, and the addition of new toys and other gifts might make your home feel extra cluttered. Having a concrete post-holiday cleaning and organizing strategy can help make the holidays feel less messy and more relaxing! This coming year, I’m determined to do a better job at cleaning and organizing my home. I’m notoriously bad at it, but I know that a tidy home helps me (and my family!) feel less stressed. I like to use lists to keep me on track – if I don’t write down a task, it never happens! – so today I’m sharing with you my post-holiday cleaning and organizing checklist with the hope that it will help some of you, too. Once you’ve found some tips for cleaning and organizing your home after Christmas, make sure to head down to the bottom of this post to enter to win $500 from Esurance to continue decorating and organizing your home to your heart’s content!Continue reading

Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas for Back to School
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Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas for Back to School

August is a great month to get your kids’ bedrooms organized and ready for the school season. I know my girls’ rooms are definitely messy and disorganized right now – tidying them up and finding a spot for everything would definitely help us feel like we’re more ready for Fall! Let’s talk about some kids bedroom organization ideas that aren’t too tricky to do, plus I’ll give you a little peek of my friends’ daughters’ bedroom that we’re decorating.Continue reading

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9 Favourite Ways to Display and Store Kids’ Artwork

In a feeble attempt to start organizing my home, I started sifting through Little C’s bins of artwork we have stuffed in various places throughout our garage house. I adore every little bit of art she creates, be it a sheep made out of cotton balls or her first ever “people” that looked like potatoes on stilts.

I had no choice but to put many pieces in the recycling bin – one can only keep so much paper! Imagine keeping every piece of art your child makes for their whole lives? You’d have a houseful! I’ve been researching creative ideas on how to store and display children’s art, and there are so many wonderful ideas out there. Here are some of my favourites; I hope you find them inspiring too!

9 Favourite Ways to Store and Display Kids' Artwork - The DIY Mommy

  1. Clipboard Art Display from Clean & Scentisible
  2. Children’s Drawings as Art (Rod & Clip Display) from The Style Files
  3. Mailing Tubes as Art Storage from Martha Stewart
  4. Kid’s Artwork Scrapbook from Glass Half Full
  5. Framed Children’s Art in a Bedroom from Velvet & Linen
  6. Art on a Duvet Cover from A Thousand Words
  7. Art Collage in a Big Frame from Decor8
  8. Kid’s Artwork on Upcycled Cabinet Doors from I Heart Organizing
  9. Artwork and Photo Displays from A Thousand Words

Do you keep your children’s artwork? How do you display or store it?

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Make a Mail Holder Bulletin Board

By Christina Dennis

I’m not a very good housekeeper and when it comes to organizing bits of paper and mail around the home, I’m terrible at it! I’m slowly trying to put together a little corner in my house to collect random things like mail, pens, phones etc. I installed a small corner shelf in a spot by my back door and then made this easy bulletin board that doubles as a mail holder to hang above it. It’s a simple project that requires no sewing and very few supplies!

DIY Mail Holder Bulletin Board by The DIY Mommy


DIY Mail Holder Bulletin Board by The DIY Mommy


DIY Mail Holder Bulletin Board by The DIY Mommy

Cut the top 2″ off of an ice cream bucket. This will help keep the pocket on your mail holder nice and stiff and you’re repurposing something!

DIY Mail Holder Bulletin Board by The DIY Mommy

Lay the plastic strip across your bulletin board’s width and determine where you’ll need to cut it to make the top of the pocket. I cut mine so that there was approximately a 2″ rise in the center (from the board to the plastic strip). Also make sure the ends of the strip curve over the sides of the bulletin board and are flush with the back. Cut the strip.

DIY Mail Holder Bulletin Board by The DIY Mommy

Lay your bulletin board right-side-down on your fabric, and cut your fabric to size. Make sure you have enough fabric on all sides to pull over the side and back edge of the board (leaving extra fabric is always better than cutting it too small)!

DIY Mail Holder Bulletin Board by The DIY Mommy

Using a glue gun, pull the fabric taut around the front of the board to the back and glue it down on the back edge. To glue the corners down, fold them as pictured above, and then fold them again along the second angle before continuing on.

DIY Mail Holder Bulletin Board by The DIY Mommy

The covered bulletin board will look like this, above – how cute! You could use it as-is, but adding this little pocket takes this board to the next level…

DIY Mail Holder Bulletin Board by The DIY Mommy

Cut a piece of fabric that is as long as your plastic piece + enough to wrap around the sides of your bulletin board and as high as you want the pocket to be (I made mine about half the height of the board) + enough to wrap around the bottom of your bulletin board + 2 1/2″ to wrap around the plastic strip. Glue about 1/2″ of the fabric, with the right side of it down, to one edge of the strip. When the glue is dry, fold the fabric down so that the right side is showing (as pictured above). Leave an equal amount of fabric on each side of the strip; this is what you’ll use to fold over and glue to your board later.

DIY Mail Holder Bulletin Board by The DIY Mommy

Turn the fabric over the strip and pull it up over it. Glue it down on the other edge.

DIY Mail Holder Bulletin Board by The DIY Mommy

Glue the pocket onto the bulletin board by gluing the edges around the board as you did with the original fabric piece. Make sure to pull the plastic strip and fabric taut so that the pocket will be smooth.

DIY Mail Holder Bulletin Board by The DIY Mommy

You’re all done! Now you have a functional catch-all board that matches your decor!

Christina Dennis is the creator and designer behind Golly Gee Baby, a collection of unique and colourful baby clothing and accessories that are ethically manufactured.