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FAQs About Our DIY Camper + The DIY Mommy at the Edmonton Renovation Show!

Summer will come again soon… right?! It doesn’t really feel that way right now as we’ve been experiencing some incredibly cold weather here on the Alberta prairies, but I certainly can’t wait for warmer weather and a chance to take Our DIY Camper out on the road again! Today I wanted to address some frequently asked questions about our RV renovation, plus let you know that I’ll be at the Edmonton Renovation Show this weekend giving even more tips… and our camper will be there, too!Continue reading

DIY Home Decor

Our DIY Camper: Renovated RV Tour

It’s the last long weekend of summer, and it’s so bittersweet! I’m happy the kids are going back to school next week, but I’m sad too. We’ve had such a fun summer, and what’s made it the most memorable summer ever has definitely been Our DIY Camper. I’m SO glad that we bought what looked like a piece of junk, and put lots of elbow grease into it to turn it into a comfy and cute camper for our little family. All of the blood, sweat and tears were worth it! Today, I want to give you a full photo & video tour of Our DIY Camper including a list of what we did and links to our materials sources. I hope you find this fun and helpful in case you want to do a camper renovation of your own!Continue reading