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2017 Spring Home Tour

Why is Spring decor my favourite? Because I can go overboard with some of the decorative items I love most – flowers, pastels and nature-inspired things. Hooray! Today I’m so excited to be joining some of my Canadian blogging friends as we share our Spring home tours with you for the Canadian Bloggers Home Tour. Grab a latte, come take a virtual tour of my home decorated for Spring, and then make sure to pop down to the bottom of this post to see all of the other home tours happening this week. Happy decorating!Continue reading

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2016 Christmas Home Tour: Updated Traditional Decor in Greens, Blues and Pinks

It’s here! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The Christmas season is upon us, my kids are SO excited, and I’m finished decking our halls for the season. Please come in! Let me show you around and how I’ve done a simple, country Christmas in greens, blues and pinks this year.

I’m thrilled to be hosting the Canadian Bloggers Home Tour this week for Christmas. Please make sure to visit all of the 28 other beautiful home tours featured this week. You can find all of the links at the bottom of this post. You’ll be sure to find so much holiday decor inspiration no matter your style!

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DIY Craftsman Foursquare Home with Grey Siding, Porch with DIY Columns and a Dark Teal Door
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My 5 Best and Worst Memories from 10 Years of Acreage Living (+ Enter to Win $500 from Esurance!)

September 30th, 2016 marked 10 years of acreage living for my husband and me. Both of us grew up living out in the country for a good majority of our lives, but the land we currently have was the first property we purchased together. If you also live on acreage, you’ll know that it has its ups and downs. For us, I feel like the pros outweigh the cons, but on this 10th anniversary of acreage living, I thought I’d take a stroll down memory lane and share a few best and worst personal memories of acreage life so far. Let’s get nostalgic and real for a few minutes and talk all about the nitty gritty of land and home ownership out in the country. Are you a homeowner too?

Make sure to pop down to the bottom of this post to win a $500 cash gift card to use for decorating a favourite space in your home from Esurance!Continue reading

Colorful country boho farmhouse porch decor for Fall in pinks, reds, teals and grays
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Our Colorful Fall Front Porch

Fall weather arrived here quite quickly. It’s suddenly really cold! The brisk air definitely makes me feel like decorating our home for Fall, so last week we cozied our porch up a little. Let me show you our porch’s Fall decor, give you some ideas on how you can decorate your outdoor space for Fall, and make sure to pop down to the bottom of this post to visit more Fall home decor tours from my blogging friends.Continue reading

Modern country boho farmhouse living room with Fall touches
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My Home Style Before and After: Modern Boho Country Living Room

Did you know that it’s totally OK for your home decor style (and skill level!) to slowly evolve over time? I think everyone’s does as they grow and change. My home decor style has certainly evolved over the last few years as we’ve settled into the new home that we built and I’ve become better at sorting out what works for my family and for me. Today, I’m sharing with you the key elements of my “modern boho country” living room style, how it’s evolved, and how you too can sort out what your decor style is too!
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French country boho porch decor ideas in teal, aqua, gray, white & black
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Country Farmhouse Porch Decor Ideas (with a Boho Twist!)

Ah, summer evenings on the porch. I always look forward to the special time of day in the warmer months when the kids finally fall asleep, my husband and I finish up our work, and then we sit on the porch to talk and relax together. That cooler evening air is always so refreshing and it’s such a great way to end a busy day. These past couple of weeks, I was able to give our porch a little makeover so that I was even more cozy and relaxing for everyone in our family – kids and puppies included! I made our porch our own using a comfy country farmhouse theme with a little bit of my own colourful, boho inspired pops. Let me give you a tour of our boho country farmhouse porch decor and some DIY ideas for your own porch decor this Spring!Continue reading