our guest cottage

A budget friendly, black and white country cottage farmhouse kitchen
DIY Home Decor

Our Guest Cottage Kitchen: Budget-Friendly Country Farmhouse Style

The main rooms in our guest cottage are finally complete! I am so pleased with this little space, and my guests seem to be quite happy with it too. My parents have¬†been staying here for a little while this summer, and we’re so excited to have them so close by. Let me give you a tour today of the final main room in the cottage: the kitchen! We had such a limited budget, but I think the space turned out really beautiful and cozy looking. There’s nothing like some paint, some DIY, and spending a little bit of money on a couple things that make a huge difference!Continue reading

A black and white rustic cottage farmhouse living room
DIY Home Decor

Our Guest Cottage Living Room: Neutral Mix-and-Match Style

I never thought there’d come a day when I would say that I was in love with a room devoid of any colour, but the time has come. I’ve totally fallen for this newly redecorated living room in our guest cottage and there’s not a bright nor a pastel colour to be seen. Heck, I’ve fallen for all the spaces we’ve finished in our guest cottage so far, and all of them are in black, white and grey!¬†I’ve finally started to learn the secret of how to decorate in all neutral tones, so let me share that with you today along with a tour of our new neutral, mix-and-match styled guest cottage living room.Continue reading

A black and white farmhouse cottage bedroom design with buffalo plaid & toile
DIY Home Decor

Our Guest Cottage Bedroom: A Small Space on a Budget in Black & White

There’s something just so classic and beautiful about using black and white together in decor, isn’t there? I’ve always loved the combo, and I’m really thrilled with how this scheme is turning out in our guest cottage renovation. (In case you missed it, you can read more about how we’re turning the old “garage house” we lived in for 7 years into a guest cottage here.) I’m especially loving how the black and white themed bedroom in our guest house has turned out – it almost makes me want to move in! Let me give you a little tour of this tiny, beautiful bedroom and share with you some DIY tricks on how to decorate a small bedroom on a budget.

Continue reading