How to turn an old filing cabinet or an old dresser into a gorgeous campaign dresser inspired piece with Fat Paint chalk style paint (Amanda Forrest Collection Navy State of Mind)
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A Campaign Dresser Inspired Filing Cabinet Makeover + Win the Entire Amanda Forrest FAT Paint Collection! (Ends 03/07)

Have you ever thought up a DIY project in your head and then after you completed it it turned out just as good if not better than your imagination?! This is how I feel about this campaign dresser inspired makeover I just completed on our icky old filing cabinet. With the help of The FAT Paint Company, I was able to give a piece I was THISCLOSE to throwing out a gorgeous new life. Let me show you how I did it, and make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see a video tutorial and to enter to win the new Amanda Forrest FAT Paint collection for your very own PLUS a room makeover from Amanda herself!Continue reading

How to make faux mercury glass vases from recycled jars - this method doesn't use a water + vinegar spray prior to the spray paint!
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Make Faux Mercury Glass Vases from Recycled Jars

There’s something SO satisfying about taking something headed for the trash or for the recycling bin and turning it into something pretty, isn’t there? I’m sure not ashamed to say that I LOVE creating treasure from trash and those have been some of my favourite projects. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they usually cause you to use every ounce of creativity you have. Today, I’m sharing with you how I made some beautiful faux mercury glass vases from old pickle jars and baby food jars. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I have a thing using jars in my craft projects – they are so handy-dandy! Also, please scroll down to the bottom of this post to see more trash-to-treasure DIY projects from my blogging friends.Continue reading

How to make a laundry room counter top from a door; such a unique countertop idea!
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Make a Laundry Room Countertop from an Old Door

With a really limited budget for our laundry room finishing, we had to come up with a creative solution for the counter top that would go over our washer and dryer. I knew I wanted something solid over the machines that I could fold clothes or store laundry baskets on, but it had to be something inexpensive… or free. I thought about a good solution for a while. I finally had decided upon staining some plywood and cutting it to fit over our machines until it hit me one night. What’s flat, 30″ deep and free? AN OOPSIE DOOR. I had just thought of another use for the little stack of doors we have in storage that were wrongly ordered when we built Our DIY House! Why not?!Continue reading

This spice organization idea costs zero dollars and it's so cute - recycle some baby food jars, paint the lids, and stick on some free farmhouse styled labels!
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A Zero Dollar Spice Storage Solution

I’m following along this great declutting challenge from Home Storage Solutions 101 the best I can. It’s great! I love how the decluttering sessions are limited to around 15 minutes per day – now THAT I can do! This week, we’re focusing on organizing our kitchen cabinets. Mine are pretty decent since we’ve only been in our new house for 18 months or so, but there are some cabinets that are already pretty out of control. One of them was my spice cupboard, and I wanted to share with you today a fun & free spice storage solution that I came up with.Continue reading

A DIY Christmas ornament advent calendar made from an old door
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Make a Daily Ornament Advent Calendar from an Old Door

This is the story of how I turned something sitting in our storage into a gorgeous, vintage rustic DIY Christmas decoration for our home. (Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see more beautiful vintage rustic Christmas ideas from my talented blogging friends!)

I have a love/hate relationship with doors. I love doors because they can be incredibly beautiful – especially old, weather-worn doors that have loads of history behind them. However, I hate doors now too. When we built Our DIY House, we had to order doors 3 (THREE!) times because of a comedy of errors. First, I made the mistake of consulting our blueprints for our door sizes rather than measuring the actual framed openings when our home was at the framing stage. Thankfully, my dear and patient husband was able to modify most of the frames to fit the doors, but some had to be re-ordered. When those doors were re-ordered I made another mistake. I gave Hubby the rough idea of what the doors looked like (“five panel doors – easy!”)… but there were a couple of different 5 panel door available and he bought the wrong ones. We now have a stack of gorgeous, brand new doors in storage that are all machined to open a specific way that are really impossible to sell because of this. I’ve been patiently waiting for an opportunity to use one (or 5!) of our extra doors for a DIY project, and I finally had the opportunity this past weekend! Hooray!Continue reading

How to paint wicker baskets with Chalk Paint - An Easy Coffee Table Makeover
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An Easy Coffee Table Makeover with Chalk Paint

I think our coffee table is pretty great. We bought it a few years ago when we lived in our Garage House and it’s been so useful – I love the wicker baskets and drawers that can store a ton of kid’s books and magazines. When we moved into Our DIY House last year, the colour of the baskets in our coffee table started to bug me a little. They were too orangey, and I’m trying to get rid of all traces of orange in our decor (case and point: our kitchen table makeover).
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How to make a DIY rustic wooden sign - such a cute You Are My Sunshine sign!
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Make a Rustic Wooden Sign (+ My New Intel AIO)

We’re slowly working on finishing our bathrooms in Our DIY House. Bathrooms take FOREVER. There are so many little details! The kids’ bathroom is thisclose to being finished – I’m doing some finishing painting, working on a hook wall and sorting out what we’ll use for artwork. The walls of the kids’ bathroom are aqua blue, and the shower curtain is blue, yellow and grey, so I thought it would be fun to pull some yellow from the curtain and put it on the walls!

I’ve always wanted to make a rustic wooden sign, so I knew exactly what I wanted to make for artwork in this bath. This sweet “You Are My Sunshine” rustic wooden sign was made in a day and I used only a few tools to make it: my new Intel AIO computer, some carbon transfer paper, a piece of plywood cut to size, some paint, and a sander. I’m so happy with how it looks!

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DIY Gold Dry Brushed Coffee Table
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Upcycled Gold Dry-Brushed Table (+ How to Dry Brush Furniture)

There is definitely such a thing as an addiction to painting furniture. And I certainly have it. Every sad looking table, dresser or chair I see on Kijiji or at a garage sale says, “Paint me! I can be re-made into something awesome!” This table, for example, was part of a trio of tables I bought off of Kijiji that was crying out for a new look. The side tables were done in white chalk paint and DIY dark silver wax, and I did something a little different with the coffee table. This was a very random, spur-of-the-moment transformation, but I really think it looks cool!

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