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Sew a Scalloped Bunting Banner

DIY Scalloped Bunting Banner by The DIY Mommy

We’re in the midst of building our new home, and I’m attempting to work on the girls’ room decor now so that it will be ready to pop in their new rooms when our house is done. I’m slowly working on it, so depending on how quickly our house finishing goes (which, in my estimate, won’t be as quick as I’d like it to be), I should be successful!

For Baby A’s room, I’m basing her decor colour scheme and style around this quilt I made for her late last year. Her room will be full of retro woodland animals, soft hues of mint, turquoise, coral, pink and yellow, and I think I’ll top it all off with a sweet chandelier. I thought a cute addition to Baby A’s nursery decor would be a retro-styled bunting banner to hang above her crib (or over a reading corner – we’ll see) and I managed to sew one this week out of fabrics that match her quilt.

DIY Scalloped Bunting Banner by The DIY Mommy

This DIY scalloped bunting banner is very easy and inexpensive to make and it would be a great addition to any nursery decor. It would also be cute in a playroom, as a unique photo prop or as a party decoration.

Materials (for a banner approximately 60″ long):

  • 1/2 yard each of 4 different fabrics
  • a roll of bias tape (or make your own from 1/4 yard of fabric)
  • an ice cream pail lid


DIY Scalloped Bunting Banner by The DIY Mommy

To cut out the flag pieces, fold a piece of fabric in half and lay the ice cream pail lid on it with just less than half of it off of the fabric (as pictured above). Trace around it to make your scallop shape.

DIY Scalloped Bunting Banner by The DIY Mommy

Cut this piece out and use it as a template to cut 14 more pieces out. You will cut out 4 pieces in each fabric.

DIY Scalloped Bunting Banner by The DIY Mommy

With two right sides together, sew around the curved edge of the pieces using a 1/4″ seam. I used a serger (because it’s fast), but a regular sewing machine would work just as well. Repeat with all of the pieces until you have 8 flags sewn. Turn them right side out and press them flat.

DIY Scalloped Bunting Banner by The DIY Mommy

Cut a 70″ piece of bias tape, and then sew its short end and about 6″ of its long end shut (sewing about 1/4″ from the open edges). Slip your first flag into the open edges of the bias tape, and sew the tape around the raw edge of the flag. Repeat with the rest of the flags, placing them right next to each other as you sew. You could pin them in place first if you prefer!

DIY Scalloped Bunting Banner by The DIY Mommy

Sew the rest of the bias tape closed along the long and short end, and you’re ready to hang your adorable scalloped bunting banner!

DIY Scalloped Bunting Banner by The DIY Mommy

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9 Favourite Tutorials of 2012 from The DIY Mommy

This year was awesome. It was the year that I settled into being a mommy of two, the year that I turned 30 and finally began to be confident in who I was as a woman and a mother, and it was the year that this little blog grew a little bit bigger.

I love to craft, I love to write and I love to be a mom and The DIY Mommy has been the perfect outlet for me to share these things with people just like me.

I want to thank you, my readers, for taking a slice of time from your lives this year to share with me. Every month, more and more of you “tuned in” to this site. I appreciate every one of you and I thank you for giving me the motivation to write, photograph and share.

Here are your favourite tutorials from 2012 that I’ve posted according to how many views they’ve received. Between you sharing them with your friends, the rise of Pinterest , and me spending more time to write, some of them have reached over 22,000 unique visits which I’m truly amazed and humbled by. Thank you!

9 Favourite Tutorials of 2012 from The DIY Mommy. Boutique blanket, baby necktie, I am Loved The Help Onesie, Infinity Scarf, Soother Clips, Glider Recover, Upcycled Baby Headband, DIY Photo backdrop and Princess Dress.

  1. Sew a Boutique Blanket
  2. Sew a Baby Necktie
  3. Make an “I Am Loved” Onesie
  4. Sew a 15 Minute Infinity Scarf
  5. Sew Boutique Soother Clips
  6. Update a Nursery Glider Rocking Chair
  7. Sew an Upcycled Baby Headband
  8. Make DIY Photo Backdrops with Fabric or Paper
  9. Sew a Princess Dress

I wish you all the best in the coming year. May 2013 be full of wonder, baby cuddles, and craftiness!

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Make DIY Christmas Photo Backdrops with Twinkle Lights

DIY Christmas Photo Backdrop with Twinkle Lights by The DIY Mommy

My sweet baby girl turns a year old today (a YEAR!) and we took some Christmas-themed birthday pictures this past week to celebrate.

(I can’t believe my darling is already a year old. I also can’t believe she still doesn’t sleep through the night…)

DIY Christmas Photo Backdrop with Twinkle Lights by The DIY Mommy

She’s such a happy baby. She smiles at everyone almost everyone, and she’s definitely a daddy’s girl. While she’s not too keen on crawling or walking, she loves to fiddle with little toys and foods with her hands. Maybe she’ll be a crafter like her mama?

To take these photos, I actually made our bed (it’s an incredible feat for me) and strung some outdoor star-shaped twinkle lights across the headboard. I didn’t secure them at all; I tucked the ends behind the headboard to make them hang the way I wanted.

DIY Christmas Photo Backdrop with Twinkle Lights by The DIY Mommy

I like photos taken in indirect sunlight, so I chose to take this mid-day when the sun was high in the sky. I opened the curtains on the window that is luckily right by our bed and plopped my baby girl right in the middle of the bed (far enough from the twinkle lights for a bokeh effect).

Make a DIY Christmas Photo Backdrop with Twinkle Lights by The DIY Mommy

Babies are tricky to photography, so our “session” didn’t last very long and it took all the Elmo voices and peekaboo head bobs I had in me to get the shots I wanted.

Happy birthday, Baby Girl! I love you so much.

Duvet cover: A DIY of mine based on this tutorial
Dress: Golly Gee Baby

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Make a Simple Baby Tutu

by Christina Dennis

Tutus are adorable accessories to have on hand for your baby girl. They’re perfect for taking keepsake photos and for your little one to play with and dress up in. This tutu is so very simple to make – the only sewing it involves is sewing the elastic together. Easy! You’ll have this little gem whipped up in an hour or two.Continue reading