IKEA Kura Bunk Bed Hack by The DIY Mommy
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Modify an Ikea Kura Bunk Bed

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by Christina Dennis

We live in a wee little house (and by “wee”, I mean 880 square feet with no basement for the four of us). When it was time for my newest baby to graduate from her bassinet to a “big” crib, we had to get creative.

To maintain storage space in the girls’ tiny room that was now going to be shared, we purchased an IKEA Kura bunk bed for my 3-year-old daughter so that we could store toys and things underneath while she slept above. We could then squeeeeeeze a crib beside her bed!

There are several amazing, detailed “hacks” for these beds in the webisphere, but we had little time to pull something together so I stuck to something simple.

IKEA Kura Bunk Bed Hack by The DIY Mommy

My hubby spray painted the MDF panels a nice, bright pink before he assembled the bed (they’re originally a medium blue). I purchased a tension shower rod and then made some simple rod pocket panel curtains using the following method:

  • measure the width of the opening and multiply by 1.5
  • divide this measurement by 2 and this will be the finished width of the curtain panels (there are two panels)
  • add two inches to the width and 7 inches to the height of this measurement (to account for hems and the rod pocket) and cut two pieces of fabric with these dimensions
  • hem the bottom and sides of each panel (by turning 1/2″, then another 1/2″ and stitching) and then make the rod pocket on the top by turning 1/2″ and then 3″ and stitching

Thread a tension rod through the panel pocket and hang just below the upper bunk. The curtain hides a mess nicely!

It’s a simple and sweet update to the IKEA Kura bed!

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Make Embroidered Baby Mittens for $1

By Christina Dennis

Make Embroidered Baby Mittens for $1 by The DIY Mommy

I saw these little grey, stretchy baby mittens at Walmart for $0.60 cents and I had an idea:

Make Embroidered Baby Mittens for $1 by The DIY Mommy

They were little and sweet, but very plain and needed a little embellishment for my baby girl! I’ve never embroidered before, but I had some happy-coloured scraps of yarn that I thought would look so sweet as little flowers on these mitts.

Embroider Baby Mittens by The DIY Mommy

I found this great, simple video on how to embroider flowers and used a pink scrap of yarn and my big plastic yarn needle to make one in the centre of a mitt.

Embroider Baby Mittens for $1 by The DIY Mommy

I decided on a whim to add more petals in the spaces between the previous petals in a contrasting blue colour (instead of adding more individual flowers).

Embroider Baby Mittens for $1 by The DIY Mommy

A third layer of petals, now with green yarn, goes between the blue petals.

Embroider Baby Mittens for $1 by The DIY Mommy

Finally, I stitched a layer of white petals between the blue ones, as pictured above. The design is simple but pretty and I think it livens up these wee mittens so much!

Embroider Baby Mittens for $1 by The DIY Mommy

I think these mittens would make such a cute shower gift for a winter baby and the best thing is that they cost less than a dollar to make between the 60 cent mittens and the scraps of yarn! I think that they’ll keep my little one’s hands warm and toasty this winter in handmade style.

Embroider Baby Mittens for $1 by The DIY Mommy

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Sew a Princess Dress

by Christina Dennis

My three-year-old loves princesses of all kinds and dressing up like them whenever she has the chance. We’ve purchased a lot of the Disney princess dresses and have had some gifted to us, but the other week my darling girl wanted a very specific princess dress. She’s been watching Barbie’s Princess and the Pauper (*eye roll* – gift from a friend!) and kept commenting on how beautiful Princess Anneleise’s “pretty pink rose dress” was. I told her we could sew one together and she was ecstatic!

Princess Dress Tutorial from The DIY Mommy

The base of this princess dress is a very simple peasant style dress pattern, and I’ve added some fun embellishments like ruffles, ribbons and a rose. This dress is wide with an elastic neckline and sleeves, so it would grow with a child – comfortably from age 2 to age 5 or so. It’s a classic, shiny pink princess dress, so it could work for any type of little princess!


  • 1 yard pink satin fabric (I used cuddle satin for a little extra body and comfort – it has a flannel backing)
  • 1/4 yard white satin fabric
  • a roll of 1/4″ metallic gold ribbon
  • 1/4″ elastic
  • hand-sewing needle


Print out these four pattern pieces (make sure that you are printing at 100% size; the final pattern piece has to be taped together): The DIY Mommy Princess Dress 1, The DIY Mommy Princess Dress 2, The DIY Mommy Princess Dress 3, The DIY Mommy Princess Dress 4 & The DIY Mommy Princess Dress 5

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

From the pink satin, cut out the sleeve pieces, back bodice, side front bodice.  Cut the center front from the white satin. From the white satin, cut two 5″ wide strips from the entire width of the satin for the ruffles (not pictured). From the pink satin, cut one 5″ wide strip from the entire width of the satin (for the flower embellishment). For the skirt, measure your child from an inch beneath their armpit to where you want the hem of the dress to fall (if you make the dress long, your child will be able to wear it longer!). Add 3 inches to this measurement (for the waist seam and bottom hem), and cut a full width of the pink satin fabric in this length (my fabric was 54″ wide). Cut this piece in half so that you have a skirt front and skirt back piece.

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

Take the center front piece cut from white satin, and arrange lengths of gold ribbon cut to size as pictured above (I eye-balled my placement). You might prefer three criss-crosses or only one – it’s up to you and your princess! Pin the ribbon, then sew it to the satin piece with stitches down the middle of each ribbon length.

Princess Dress by The DIY Mommy

With right sides together, sew one of the front side pieces to the side of the center front piece. (For this dress, I used my serger for an all-in-one seam finish, but if you are using a regular machine make sure to finish the seams with a zig-zag stich after sewing). Repeat with opposite side. Press seam open on low heat. Lay a length of ribbon over the seam, cut to size, and sew with stitches down the middle. Repeat with opposite side.

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

With right sides together, sew the bodice front to the bodice back at the side seams.

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

Sew the two long white satin pieces together on one short end of each. Fold in half, wrong sides together and gather along the raw edge. Here, I used my serger to gather quickly by adjusting the tension, but you can also gather with a long running stitch on your machine and pulling the upper thread. Here is an excellent post on gathering techniques.

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

With raw edges together, sew the white ruffle to the bottom edge of one sleeve. Cut to fit after sewing. Turn to right side, press lightly, and topstitch about 1/8″ close to seam to keep ruffle flat. Repeat with second sleeve.

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

Cut two pieces of 1/4″ elastic that are approximately 8″ each. On the wrong side of booth sleeves, draw a straight line with a pencil and ruler that’s about 4″ from the bottom of the ruffle. Attach the elastic to the wring side of the sleeve by sewing a straight line in the center of the elastic, pulling the elastic with your hand as you sew to ruffle the fabric and stretch the elastic to the opposite side of the sleeve. Repeat with second sleeve.

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

Fold each sleeve horizontally in half with right sides together, and sew each of their side seams together matching the bottoms of the ruffles.

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

Open up the top of one sleeve and pin its curved edge to the curved sleeve opening of one side of the bodice, right sides together. Match armpit seams. Sew together.

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

With raw edges together, sew the white satin ruffle to the lower edge of the bodice. Start on one side seam, fold the short raw edge of the ruffle to the underside. When you reach the beginning again, overlap the end of the ruffle slightly over the beginning and fold the raw edge under again after trimming to fit.

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

With right sides together and sandwiching the ruffle in between, sew the front and back pieces of the skirt together at the side seams. Gather the upper edge of the skirt with a serger or regular machine, and pin it to the bodice (pulling or loosening gathers to fit) with the right sides together. Sew.

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

Turn dress right-side-out and press waist seam lightly. Topstitch about 1/8″ from seam to help ruffle lay flat.

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

Serge raw edge of bodice neck OR turn over 1/4″ and press. Turn over 1/2″ and press, then stitch close to folded edge to create a casing for the neck elastic. Leave a 1″ opening. Cut a 16″ piece of 1/4″ elastic, and thread through the casing (I use a safety pin on the threading end and a stick pin on the opposite end). Sew the edges of the elastic together securely once threaded and stitch the casing opening shut.

The main dress is DONE! Now, on to the embellishments:

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

Fold the 5″ wide strip of pink satin you cut earlier in half lengthwise and gather (like you did with the white ruffles before). I used a full width of my pink satin, then cut the ruffled piece in half – one to use for the dress and one for a hair accessory for later!

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

Start rolling the ruffled strip (you’re making a rose from the center out), hand sewing the raw edges together as you go (I just used random stitches, making sure to secure the layers together as best I could).

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

Once you’re finished rolling and sewing the ruffled strip to your liking, make sure to secure it at the end with several knots of thread. Leave a long tail of thread and the needle attached to sew the rose to the dress bodice.

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

Sew the rose to the dress bodice, using the dress picture as a guide. Use lots of hand stitches, and secure it well at the end with several knots.

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

Tie a bow from the gold ribbon, cut it to your desired length, and stitch it to the center of the bottom of the bodice. I machine stitched the bow on, on each side of the knot (you could also hand stich, but I find machine stitching this way keeps the bow tied securely).

Princess Dress from The DIY Mommy

You’re ALL DONE! Share an afternoon tea with your little princess.

Christina Dennis is the creator and designer behind Golly Gee Baby, a collection of unique and colourful baby clothing and accessories that are ethically manufactured.

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Throw a Rapunzel Theme Party

My oldest daughter turned three years old on January 1st, and she is madly in love with Disney’s “Tangled” movie. She is obsessed with all things “Rapunzel”, and loves to dress up in princess dresses and dance around the house. When I asked her what type of party she’s like, I listed a Rapunzel Party as an option and her eyes instantly lit up. That was the one!

Between Pinterest and some fantastic crafting blogs I follow, I managed to come up with a completely DIY Rapunzel-themed party for a low cost. It was a lot of work, but my daughter loved it!

Here is how I did it, and how you can too:


The cake was the most difficult part, and it was inspired by this cake, this cake and this cake. I started with rainbow bit cake mix, baked two 10″ round cakes and layered them with a purple buttercream icing. Then, I iced the entire cake in purple buttercream and made marshmallow fondant with this recipe. I personally had a difficult time working with the fondant (it was either too sticky or, when I added more icing sugar, it broke easily). I’m hoping it’s a skill that just takes time! I dyed half of the fondant green and put it over the cake, and then used a small lid to cut circles out of the remaining fondant that I had dyed purple and pink. I arranged the circles to create the flowers (I glued the petals together with buttercream icing) and rolled a small ball out of yellow fondant for the centers. I added a strip of purple fondant to the bottom of the cake and arranged the flowers in a semi-circle on the top of the cake.

For the tower, I purchased cake donuts and a large chocolate muffin. I stacked those together and “glued” them all in place with a lot of buttercream icing. For the top of the tower, I dipped a waffle cone in some white chocolate that I had dyed purple and then I attached the cone to the muffin with buttercream icing.

Finally, I added green vines, yellow hair, and grass detailing to the cake with buttercream icing. Overall I was satisfied with the cake, though the tower fell after a few hours! I’d suggest some sort of dowel system to make it last better!


I kept the party decor relatively simple. I hung tissue paper poms in pink, yellow and purple from the ceiling over the cake table. My daughter and I had a great time making them together using this tutorial. (Bonus: We used them as decor in her room afterward!) We made a simple banner (like the one in the Tangled movie when they are in the market) out of paper and string. The printable template for the banner flags can be found here. My daughter saw the banner and instantly requested that a “Pascal” (the lizard from the movie) be perched on it, so we found a picture of him online and printed it and cut it out!

I had some paper lanterns from a previous party, so used those on the table, and we purchased some Tangled-themed treat bags and plates.


One of the first things my daughter requested when she knew she was going to have a Rapunzel party was a Rapunzel dress and hair! We found a dress to purchase online, but my very talented mother made a gorgeous Rapunzel wig using this tutorial. The yarn she chose was perfect – it was a buttery soft and fat acrylic in the perfect and softest shade of yellow. She glue-gunned flowers in the braid as a finishing touch.


For the main dish, I had the idea to make these fun calzones that look like a Rapunzel braid! They were toddler-friendly and delicious. Rather than using a bread machine, I hand-made the dough the night before, let it rise for a couple of hours, put it in a large bag in the fridge, and then took it out the morning of the party. After it rose again for another couple of hours, I rolled it out, placed the filling in, criss-crossed the dough over the filling and baked them. In addition to the calzones, we had some simple veggie, fruit and cracker trays.

We had a wonderful, simple Rapunzel-themed party and my daughter had a great time with her friends (and we had a good, solid sleep afterward)!

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Make a Simple Baby Tutu

by Christina Dennis

Tutus are adorable accessories to have on hand for your baby girl. They’re perfect for taking keepsake photos and for your little one to play with and dress up in. This tutu is so very simple to make – the only sewing it involves is sewing the elastic together. Easy! You’ll have this little gem whipped up in an hour or two.Continue reading