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Make a No-Sew Ruffled Christmas Tree Skirt

DIY No-Sew Ruffled Christmas Tree Skirt on The DIY Mommy

My crafty friend Jenni posted some photos of an absolutely gorgeous DIY Christmas tree skirt that she had made this week, and I knew the instant that I saw it that I needed to share it with all of you here! Isn’t it so pretty and country-shabby-chic-y wonderful? Here’s what Jenni had to say about this project:

Years ago I bought a bright green felt tree skirt from Canadian Tire, with tacky Santa Claus appliques all over it. I have pretty much hated it ever since. The past few years I have been collecting rustic, country-style decor to outfit my home for Christmas, and I was so inspired by this burlap and plaid ruffled tree skirt (http://doneoverdecor.blogspot.ca/2011/12/ruffle-tree-skirt.html) that I had to give it a try! The best thing about it is that there is no sewing required at all, which is great because no matter how often I say I’m going to get better at sewing, I just cannot motivate myself. All this tree skirt requires is an old tree skirt, a glue gun, and 2 meters each of burlap and a Christmas print of your choice.

DIY No-Sew Ruffled Christmas Tree Skirt on The DIY Mommy

My mother-in-law, who turns everything she touches to gold with her craftiness, provided the blue tree skirt and the burlap. We cut the two fabrics into strips 2 inches wide, sat on her kitchen floor with a glue gun each, and spent the afternoon gluing the fabric down in rows until my two daughters woke from their naps. Basically, all you are doing is starting at the outside, gluing down the top edge and folding it over every few inches to create ruffles (see the link for the full tutorial). We also put a dot of glue under the ruffle and pressed against the fabric beneath to ensure the ruffles stuck instead of standing straight up. Once you’ve done one row, just layer the next piece of fabric a few inches above so it overlaps a bit and continue gluing. From start to finish, it took me about three hours with a bit of help. I love the contrast between the shimmery gold strands in the cranberry plaid fabric and the stray bits of burlap coming loose at the edges, giving it a cozy rustic feel!

After Christmas, I am going to spend some time gluing down the bottoms of the rows, as you can see the original tree skirt underneath. Regardless of whether I ever get around to that, though, I now have a gorgeous tree skirt that matches the rest of my decor and that I am proud of – so long, Santa!

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Sew the 15 Minute Infinity Scarf in 3 More Ways: Striped, Woven Plaid & Lace Overlay

Sew a 15 Minute Infinity Scarf in 3 More Ways: Striped Sweater Knit, Woven Plaid & Lace Overlay

Can you believe Christmas is in just over a week? I certainly can’t, and I’ve been busily finishing up some last minute handmade Christmas gifts for my family and friends.

Something I’m making this year are piles and piles of infinity scarves (remember the tutorial I posted in September?). They don’t take very long, they’re so pretty and practical, and you can personalize them with fabric choice to suit the recipient.

I’ve made three more variations of the classic knit jersey style I had originally made, and I really think they’re all pretty!

Sparkly Striped Sweater Knit Infinity Scarf

For a festive and sparkly look (like the first picture above), I made an infinity scarf with a glittery striped sweater knit. I made this one extra wide (the raw fabric measured about 40″ wide before it was folded and sewn).

Woven Burgundy & Chocolate Plaid Infinity Scarf

Plaid is trendy in a big way this year, and I made a second version of the infinity scarf with a plaid woven fabric with a slight stretch to it. This one was also extra wide (at about 44″ before it was folded and sewn). I’m really liking the look of adding quite a bit of extra width to the scarves, giving them a dramatic full look.

Sew a 15 Minute Infinity Scarf in 3 More Ways: Striped Sweater Knit, Woven Plaid & Lace Overlay

Cream Lace Overlay Infinity Scarf

Finally, I made a third version of the infinity scarf by laying a piece of stretch lace over a piece of stretchy jersey (both were about 15″ wide) right sides together. I sewed them together along the length of each side, and then completed the rest of the scarf as I did in my original tutorial. You could use a different colour of knit jersey for a more contrasting look. It’s such a romantic version of the infinity scarf!

Sew a 15 Minute Infinity Scarf in 3 More Ways: Striped Sweater Knit, Woven Plaid & Lace Overlay

Have you tried making an infinity scarf yet? Please share below if you have with a link to your finished project! Or, if you’re planning on making one for yourself or as a Christmas gift – what would be your favourite fabric choice?