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Sew a New Cover for a Plush Kid’s Chair

Sew a New Cover for a Plush Kid's Chair by The DIY Mommy

Last week, I had a table at the Little Monster’s Swap Meet in Spruce Grove to sell my Golly Gee Baby goodies. The LMSM is a massive new & used kid’s items sale in our town, and you can find some amazing deals there. My lovely friend Leah was helping man my table, and before she took off to peruse the baby goods available at the show I asked her to keep her eyes peeled for some plush kid’s chairs. Both Baby A and Little C didn’t have one, and I didn’t feel like paying $30 for each. Well, guess what? Leah scored two chairs for $2 each! One was an Elmo chair and the other was Winnie the Pooh, but I didn’t care because I wanted to try to wash them and recover them to match my girlies’ room decor.Continue reading

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9 Favourite Tutorials of 2012 from The DIY Mommy

This year was awesome. It was the year that I settled into being a mommy of two, the year that I turned 30 and finally began to be confident in who I was as a woman and a mother, and it was the year that this little blog grew a little bit bigger.

I love to craft, I love to write and I love to be a mom and The DIY Mommy has been the perfect outlet for me to share these things with people just like me.

I want to thank you, my readers, for taking a slice of time from your lives this year to share with me. Every month, more and more of you “tuned in” to this site. I appreciate every one of you and I thank you for giving me the motivation to write, photograph and share.

Here are your favourite tutorials from 2012 that I’ve posted according to how many views they’ve received. Between you sharing them with your friends, the rise of Pinterest , and me spending more time to write, some of them have reached over 22,000 unique visits which I’m truly amazed and humbled by. Thank you!

9 Favourite Tutorials of 2012 from The DIY Mommy. Boutique blanket, baby necktie, I am Loved The Help Onesie, Infinity Scarf, Soother Clips, Glider Recover, Upcycled Baby Headband, DIY Photo backdrop and Princess Dress.

  1. Sew a Boutique Blanket
  2. Sew a Baby Necktie
  3. Make an “I Am Loved” Onesie
  4. Sew a 15 Minute Infinity Scarf
  5. Sew Boutique Soother Clips
  6. Update a Nursery Glider Rocking Chair
  7. Sew an Upcycled Baby Headband
  8. Make DIY Photo Backdrops with Fabric or Paper
  9. Sew a Princess Dress

I wish you all the best in the coming year. May 2013 be full of wonder, baby cuddles, and craftiness!