Hot Chocolate Reindeer and Marshmallow Snowman from recycled baby food jars and socks. So easy and a cute Christmas gift and kid's craft!
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Make Hot Chocolate Reindeer and Snowman Jar Gifts – A Kid’s Craft

With Christmas less than a week away, all of the kindergarten and dance class recitals complete, and our home decorated and ready to go, we are taking some time to relax and enjoy the season together. What better way to relax and enjoy Christmas than to do fun, festive crafts together! This craft was something we made up as we went along, and it doubles as a fun kid’s activity as well as a unique neighbor or teacher gift. This silly recycled baby food jar hot chocolate reindeer and marshmallow snowman were a big hit in our house! ┬áCome read how we made this fun & ┬ásimple Christmas craft. #YahooDIYContinue reading