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Cozy & Romantic Guest Bedroom Inspiration
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How to Start a Room Makeover

Need help knowing where to begin when starting your room makeover? These six steps will help you get going; they work for me every time!

We’re starting a room makeover in our basement – our storage room is becoming a pretty guest room for some summer guests! I thought I’d take you along with us as we renovate it from start to finish, and share some of my favourite room makeover & decorating tricks.Continue reading

How to Style a Bookshelf - 5 Easy Tips
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5 Steps to Styling a Beautiful Bookshelf

I love to style bookcases, but don’t often get the chance. When I designed my new studio to have a wall of bookshelves, one of the things I was most looking forward to was styling them to create personality and interest in my space plus add practical storage for all of my staging accessories, craft supplies and books. Let me give you a peek at the new bookcases in my studio plus share with you my 5 best tips on how to style a beautiful bookshelf!Continue reading